Legal Steroids Supplements and Banned Prohormones in 2024

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In terms of sports, the body has a lot of areas available for development. Athletes have a hard time training in the grounds and workout sessions so they can perform on the field. That’s why every athlete takes care of his body and diet. Without proper attention from the athlete and medical team, he can lose a lot of his physical abilities in a short time and become invaluable.

So, to stay fit and perform well in matches, sportsmen often use supplements. These drugs have a massive impact on a player’s body. A lot of respected sportsmen take such medicines to stay at the top of their game. With the right amount, anybody can make himself grow bigger and better.

Most of these supplements are steroids. The markets are full of such drugs that can make anybody stronger, but one should proceed with caution in these matters. Checking informative sites such as could be of great help before carrying on with such products. While they may be advantageous for the bones and muscles, they have a lot of other harmful effects on other body organs. In many cases, players may be banned from playing due to their use, ruining their career.

What are Steroid Prohormones?

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As discussed above, steroid prohormones are supplements that have a direct effect on the body’s muscle mass and overall strength. These steroids are analogs of testosterone, a chemical present especially in the body of men. This hormone is related to the growth of men during puberty. When a child enters his early teenage years, the secretion of testosterone is increased.

With the help of testosterone, a child begins to develop significant changes in his body. Alongside the development of sexual characteristics, testosterone directly affects the muscles in the body, thereby increasing its strength. Researches have proved that increased levels of testosterone can help an individual in building his body faster.

With steroid prohormones, the body receives an extra dose of hormones which can result in a faster metabolism. This causes a drastic increase in the growth of muscles. Different companies advertise their products with different chemical potencies. This means that their products may contain a stronger substance which could affect growth in several ways.

Mixed Nature of Steroid Prohormones

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Steroids are compounds of very variable properties. They can bring a great change in a person’s general body structure. Many researches have proved that steroids can produce significant effects in individuals if taken properly. With excessive consumption, the body may stop responding to the chemicals or even cause an adverse reaction. This proves that while steroids can be beneficial in some cases, there isn’t enough evidence to fully support its usage.

With the increase in consumption of entertainment and the introduction of young talent in such brisk fields, it’s very common for athletes to run into companies producing steroids. Many young individuals whose sporting careers have just begun or in their early years get offers from such companies looking to consume their product for better results. It may be wonderful in the beginning, but eventually it leads to very unusual circumstances and may destroy a player’s career completely.

Steroids became increasingly popular in 1996. Many athletes began taking these supplements and showed better performances. However, after a scandal emerged and many names were brought to light, the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 came into being, prohibiting players from using such substances. Although prohormones are now deemed legal in many countries, they can still cause destructive effects on health and life.

Side Effects of Steroid Prohormones

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Any drug can have additional effects on the body besides its basic target. These effects can take place anywhere in the body, with variable severity. The side effects may be so small that one may neglect them completely, or be so severe that hospital administration would become essential.

As with many ordinary drugs, steroids have a lot of side effects. These steroids can produce effects in both men and women, and they are very similar in nature regardless of gender. Some of the most obvious side effects these drugs can produce are nausea, increased heart rate, sleeplessness, increased anxiety, hair loss, and acne.

But these are only mild effects that they can cause. There are more severe ones that steroids are reported to cause. Among the more severe ones are shrinking of testicles, breast enlargement in women, development of breasts in men, affected sexual activities, and some others.

While these are some side effects known because of steroid supplements, there are many other effects that people have reported in clinics. Many novice and professional bodybuilders experience several side effects due to steroids. In the case of a serious overdose, death can also occur.

An important point to remember is that steroids are mostly for lean adults who are looking for a quick way to gain muscle mass. The biggest recommendation is for bodybuilding professionals whose daily requirements of testosterone are more than the average individual. These pills are not meant for kids below eighteen years old, those who are looking for weight-loss remedies, for pregnant women or those trying to conceive, and especially for women with children dependent on breast milk.

Good and Bad Steroid Prohormone Companies

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As of now, there are hundreds of companies manufacturing and supplying their supplements worldwide. But two companies have made far more success than others. One of them is Testogen, which is more of a booster rather than a testosterone analog. The product is available in the form of pills as well as drops, and works effectively for people over 35 years of age. Testogen contains natural elements and helps in the burning of excessive fat, muscle gain, increase of activity and focus, and several other processes.

Another successful company is Crazy Bulk’s line of steroids. They produce products of different chemical compositions, so more people can benefit according to their needs. It also increases muscle mass, physical strength and endurance, and also converts free body fat into energy. There are no toxins or addictive substances in their products and they provide effective results.

There are some products that have been banned due to their bad effects on health and unsatisfactory customer reviews. These compounds were shut down after an investigation was called and didn’t pass the Steroid Control of Act. Among them, Sparta and APS were the most affected companies. Their lines were banned totally, and now these products are very hard to find on the market.