Steps to Improve Bow Accuracy 2024

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Spring is near, and the bow you kept in the basement is crying out for release. Dust it off, pick a few arrows and head out into the woods or the local archery to test your archery skills, just in case you lost it during winter. Celebrate the return of sunshine and enjoy the rays, a calming and healing agent after the biting chills of winter.

Before you head out, though, you have to ensure that your bow is in perfect shape. Bow accuracy divides the line between a hit and a miss, and little inaccuracy directly affects the archer’s shot. Pay attention to the little details of your bow to garner the best shots. Steps to improve bow accuracy are listed below.

Adjust the bow

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A perfectly adjusted bow can stay trouble-free for a long time without needing any more adjustments. An archer worth his salt will make sure the bow accuracy is top-notch because it determines the outcome of the shot, whether they are shooting competitively as a hobby or hunting in the woods.

Check to see that the cams of your bow are aligned with each other. Bow cams are the reason compound bows are known as such. They are the reason a bow can adjust to the fullest length before an archer releases its arrow to aim for the target. The cams, located at either end of the bow, have to rotate in the same direction and complete a rotation at the same time for them to be declared fit. Incorrect timing can result in a loose bowstring which then, cannot support an archer’s shot as expected.

Also, check your peep sight. Ensure you are not bending your neck too low to peep through before making a shot. Peep sight also affects the outcome of your shot. Move the peep sight up and down and test until it feels it is in the right place. You do not need to bend or strain your neck. Your peep sight should be comfortable.

Consider how you stand when drawing the arrow

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Archery is not a sport that requires a high level of fitness, although some form of fitness is important. Any sport requires fitness, after all. Before you head out to hunt, ensure you consider your form when you draw the arrow. Unbelievable as it may seem, your shot is determined by how you stand when drawing the arrow.

Are you comfortable and relaxed? Take a few deep breaths to improve your stability and focus on the target. Your feet should be a comfortable distance apart, about shoulder-width. This only applies to the moments when you are taking practice shots, otherwise while out in the woods or at the archery, you can take different angles depending on where your target is.

The arrow you choose makes a whole difference

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Archery is not about picking just any arrow and heading out. You have to ensure you have the right arrow for use with the right bow. Choose an arrow whose draw weight matches the weight of your upper body. You don’t want to pick an arrow that’s too heavy for you, causing you to have a clumsy shot and missing the target.

If you cannot seem to be getting the right arrow for your bow, walk into the nearest archery store and take advantage of the advice and help offered by the experts there.

The more stable your bow is, the better your shot

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To add a dramatic kick to your bow and improve the accuracy of your shots, you can add stabilizers to your bow. Stabilizers add a little weight to the bottom of the bow, making it stay in place when shooting. Be careful not to add too many stabilizers as that may make the bow too heavy for you to carry around, especially when you are out in the woods hunting.

Having a stable bow that does not wiggle when you are trying to shoot, improves accuracy on shot target. You can check out reviews on good bow sights on for some good options that will improve your aiming significantly.

Test your archery skills

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Before you head out, ensure you test your archery skills in various forms and focus points. Test the weight of the bow by drawing your arrow to the furthest your hands can reach and gauge how that weight feels on your arms. When you draw an arrow, it typically transfers all the weight to your neck muscles. Be attentive to how that weight feels and adjust where necessary.

You can also test your skills in different positions, whether standing or sitting down, to ascertain which position meets your archery needs. Archery skills are different with every unique archer. There is no one-fits-all; every archer has to work towards finding their own unique focus for perfect shots. And the best way to find out what works and what doesn’t is to go out and practice.

Archery is a fun sport, whether you are just passing in time or you are competitive, it all boils down to whether you are having fun while at it. As much as it is a sport, it is also a hobby that needs to be enjoyed as it helps relieve stress and tension. Stay relaxed and natural during a shoot, and this will improve the accuracy of the shots you take. Regular practice yields the best results.