7 Interesting Facts for Steel Casting Processes – 2023 Review

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A lot of people decided to start their own DIY projects at home, especially now when the chances for yet another quarantine are a bit higher than usual. The thing is, it’s not easy to start learning to work with such durable and sturdy materials such as steel. We all know that steel is in fact one of the strongest metals that are used in the industry, so bending it and melting it requires some effort.

But, if you manage to do it properly, you can have a lot of fun and come up with amazing homemade designs of any type. However, you need the right tools and the right skills for it. Thankfully, we live in the Internet era, so learning all this is not nearly as difficult as it was in the past. A few YouTube videos here and there and one or two days of reading tutorials is more than enough to get started. Trial and error are no longer required, once again thanks to technology.

In today’s article, we’re going to help you more about steel casting in general by providing some interesting facts about both the processes and the metal type itself, as well as a few for the industry. So, if you are curious to hear some cool things, feel free to stick with us until the end. Let’s take a look.

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  1. The steel casting industry has a huge ROI

For each dollar that’s invested and spent in the steel casting industry, we get about a dollar and forty cents in return. That’s a huge return on investment, and with these numbers, this particular industry beats many others on the charts. And, since machines and technology, in general, is advancing at all times, this number is only expected to increase in the future due to the larger efficiency improvement in many different spheres.

  1. Steel is unbelievably more durable compared to Iron

I mean, it’s a well-known fact that steel is a very durable material, but the average person thinks that there isn’t that much difference between this material and iron. Iron is also known as one of the sturdiest metals we have. But, do you know how many times steel is stronger than Iron? Is it ten? Fifty? One hundred even?

Nope, the answer is roughly one thousand. That’s very impressive when you think about it because Iron is already very strong. Oh, and we forgot to mention, this is measured by taking the purest form of Iron as an example.

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  1. A lot of industries depend on the steel casting industry

If it wasn’t for the steel casting industry, many other industries would have a very difficult time existing. A few examples are the Automotive industry, Defense, Agriculture, Mining, Culinary, Construction, and the Alternative Energy industry. There are so many other examples but for the sake of the length of this article, we’re not going to list them all.

What matters is to understand how much impact the Steel Casting industry has in our world. We have to give it the credit it deserves. Almost fifty percent of the things that are useful to us in everyday life are a product of it. If you’re looking to learn more about steel casting processes, dawangcasting is a website where you can learn some more.

  1. Steel products last for much longer

Almost everything that’s made out of steel lasts longer compared to a product made out of iron. But, let’s use an example that a lot of people will find familiar in order to make our point stronger. Let’s talk about roofs. We all use them, and each one of our homes has one. So, roofs are meant to last for a long time right? Ideally, for as long as the house stands. But, that’s not always the case, especially not when Iron roofs are used.

According to some of the statistics, iron roofs last for about fifteen to eighteen years at most, while steel ones last for more than fifty-five years. That’s a huge difference, and it definitely is something you have to pay attention to if you have the option to choose between a roof made out of these two materials.

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  1. The Eiffel Tower is taller in the summer

You probably weren’t expecting information of this type, but since it’s a very interesting fact related to Iron, we have to list it here. According to the measurements that the government issued, the Eiffel Tower is seven inches taller in the summer. This is because both steel and iron are materials that expand quite a lot when heated.

So, if you ever use the steel casting technique to create a certain part that needs to fit in a mechanism for example, keep this in mind. The part you’ve created may not fit in the place you had in mind, especially if it needs to be exposed to larger temperatures. Just a friendly tip in case you wonder why your measurements didn’t add up all of a sudden.

  1. Steel can be recycled with no strength loss

It’s very rare to find a material that can be recycled and still keep its original strength afterward. Thankfully, steel is one of them. When it comes to recycling, about seventy percent of all steel is recycled in North America, and this is a statistic that applies for every year for the past ten, at least.

Also, the industry is constantly growing, and at the moment it manages to employ close to two million people throughout the entire globe. Not to mention that it’s still growing and this number is expected to increase.

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  1. Steel is very durable but more lightweight

Let’s take bridges for example. We all know how important they are for transportation and traffic in general. Well, those bridges that are built from steel are about eight times less heavy than the concrete ones we have. But, being lighter doesn’t compromise the endurance or safety by any means, which is why steel is such an appreciated material.