10 ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling – 2024 Guide

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It is hard to stay motivated to train while traveling, especially when you are going on a vacation at some resort on a beach, where you can enjoy the water and great cuisine of that place. While many people choose to train hard before going on a vacation, there are some simple ways of staying fit through all that time while you are there.

Your fitness condition and progression need to find some time to exercise even when you are on vacation. In case you don’t have access to the gym, you could still work out and at least remain the same state of your fitness, and prevent losing muscles and gain weight. On the other side, you could also use various supplements, like Clenbuterol, which is a great product that can help you to decrease levels of cholesterol, lose weight, and gain more muscles.

One of the greatest ways to remain your health condition is exercising in a gym if there is one in the resort where you are staying during the holiday. On the other side, even if there is no gym, you could still find a way to be more active, and we are going to present to you the best ways to stay in shape while traveling.

1. Be More Active

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We know that the main purpose of traveling and vacation is to have a good rest. However, your health must stay active, especially on some traveling tours where you will be visiting various restaurants, and lay on a beach all day. Our advice is to pack a pair of training shoes and try to go on shot jogging every evening or morning.

2. Go Hiking

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One of the best combinations of traveling is walking around the place that you visited and enjoy the viewpoints. This way, you will be more adventurous, the experience of traveling would be much more impressive, and you will manage to stay in shape if you go on walking tours every day. You always have a choice to go hiking.

3. Practice Yoga

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In case your day is full of activities with friends or family during your traveling, practicing yoga before sleep is still a great way to keep you in shape, especially after all-day visits to various restaurants, bars, and pastry shops. Also, yoga can help you to sleep better and feel more energized in the morning.

4. Walk as much as You Can

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While most of the popular destinations have local buses and mini trains for tourists, you can choose to enjoy in that place while walking all around it. You experience will be improved since you could see many more interesting areas of the place you visited, and you will keep your fitness in balance.

5. Rent a Bike

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It would be best if the place you visited has a biking track, and an option to rent one. If you go one 1-hour tour with your bike every day, you will have a chance to observe every part of that resort or national park and remain fit at the same time. One of the best combinations is to get a GoPro and some good accessories (at Norsecorp) and make a video about your adventure.

6. Exercise in a Hotel Room

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When there is no gym in the resort where you are staying, you could still work out in your room by practicing basic types of workouts like squats, pull-ups, plank, similar exercises. Even the 15 minutes of workout every morning will have a great effect on your health and avoid gaining more weight.

7. Find some Sport or Dancing Activities

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Every place has some local dance culture, like salsa in Spain or samba in Brasil, and you could always join the local community and take some lessons, it will also be a great experience and entertainment. Moreover, there are always various sports activities, and you can play beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, and many other sports.

Also, swimming represents a great exercise, and it involves all your muscles, which makes it a perfect way to stay fit during your vacation. If you are a fan of more extreme sports like rock climbing, diving, or jumping in the water from a cliff can give you a dose of adrenaline you seek.

8. Choose Healthy Food

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Popular tourist destinations are full of various fast food restaurants where you can quickly get a burger, kebab, gyros, pancakes, and many other foods that are not so good for your health and fitness goals. Instead of choosing processed and unhealthy food, we advise you to try out some domestic cuisine with vegetables, fish, meat, and other healthy products.

The common mistake of many people is gaining too much weight on vacation and going backward with the fitness plan. You always have a choice to avoid candies and sandwiches that buss and plane companies are offering. For example, if you are going to a long destination where you will be flying over 12 hours, you should pack healthy food, like fruits, a few sandwiches with fish and vegetables, and take some vitamins or other supplements.

9. Stay Hydrated

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Always carry a bottle of fresh water with you, especially when you are going on a long trip with a train or plane. Proper hydration is essential for your health, and it will also help you to avoid eating too much on your way. Also, you could save some money by talking few bottles from home, since they could charge you a lot for a bottle in the plane or airport.

10. Follow Your Fitness Plan

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The main point of vacation is to get some rest and entertain more. However, if you have a proper fitness plan, you should find a way to stick to it even when you are traveling. There are many ways to stay in shape on your vacation, and still enjoy in your time there. Many resorts have access to gym, sport courts, and many other activities. Also, swimming and walking a lot are beneficial. There is always a way to have a great adventure, and stay fit during your traveling.