What do Standing Desks Help With – 2024 Tips

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Inactivity is one of the biggest problems in this day and age. This can be said especially for people who work in offices. Even though some of the companies try really hard to provide some activities that will increase the amount of their employee’s movement during work hours, we can see that many people have the same problems. Maybe you didn’t know, but inactivity can inflict some serious problems to the overall human health.

So, it is of the utmost importance for us to do something for our wellbeing. Naturally, we’ve mentioned that a high number of companies provide activities to their employees like sports activities outside working hours or some activities that can be done during work hours. However, it looks like this is just doesn’t enough for a majority of people. Therefore, some things need to be done to improve the situation.

One of the things that maybe doesn’t look so helpful, but we assure you, it is, are standing desks. The reason is they can provide significant help to people who sit too much. Maybe you didn’t know, but too much sitting is a really big problem for a lot of people. Even people who regularly practice have an increased risk of declining health state due to sitting. There is a wide array of conditions that can be caused by too much sitting.

Standing desks are something that can provide you with a position that will help you avoid all of these conditions. If you are interested in seeing some of these, you can check out Autonomous. They are especially helpful if you are working on a laptop, desktop PC, or any kind of work that requires too much sitting on your behalf. That way you will be able to sit and stand at the same time. So, we would like to provide an insight into all the medical benefits you can have with sitting tables.

Back Pain

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We are honest when we say that the vast majority of people experience back pain during a lifetime. This is something that is almost unavoidable. This is a condition, which is the most common one faced by people who sit the majority of their time. The percentage of people who experience this condition goes up to 80%, which is pretty scary. According to a certain report, we can see that this is an avoidable thing. This report proved that standing desks can provide some relief to people who already have back pain.

At the same time, people can prevent back pain by sitting on one of these. This report provided certain results. The participants who’ve experienced these problems reported around 50% relief when it comes to back pain, and neck pain as well. They were sitting on these for an hour during their work hours. Just imagine what benefits people can have by sitting on these during all 8 or 9 hours while at work. This is something truly exceptional.

Reducing Blood Sugar Level

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As you are probably perfectly aware, blood sugar levels can have a massively negative effect on your overall health. What you probably didn’t know is that sitting can have an impact on the level of sugar in your blood. This is especially important to know who people who work in offices since they are sitting after their meals. One small study provided us with a fact that standing for three hours after a meal significantly reduces the chances of getting your blood sugar increased.

There is another study that we would like to point out. The combination of sitting and standing after a meal, for about half an hour, can reduce the blood sugar level for around 10%, which is truly awesome. We’ve presented you with all these facts and we will say that standing desks are the solution you’ve looked for. By using standing desks, you will be able to find the perfect balance between these two, and you will have the best possible results, without a doubt.

Mood Improvement

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There is one more thing that you maybe weren’t aware of, but sitting can have a negative effect on your mood. In fact, it can inflict some of the conditions like depression and anxiety. This is something that is pretty common in this day and age since a lot of people spend the majority of their working hours sitting in front of a laptop. This is the ultimate reason why some companies introduce some activities inside their offices, in order to boost the mood among the employees.

One thing that can provide a significant positive effect on them is the standing desk. Maybe it sounds silly, but it really helps. We even have some studies to support our claims with. According to a study, which was done over a period of a month provided the following results. Out of 24 Employees who were spending an hour on standing desks, 87% said that they feel more comfortable, 75% claimed they feel much healthier, 66% more productive, and 33% less stressed. Without a doubt, this study provides an insight into the feelings of employees.

Productivity Boost

We can see that job positions that require sitting have a negative effect on the productivity of the employee. This is the commonest feeling among people who are working on laptops. Standing desks provide a whole new perspective to the employees. Standing and sitting at the same time provides a high productivity boost to the employees. We can see that some of these claims were, in fact, proven by a certain study.

A study was done in an office with 60 participants. They were using standing desks for about 4 hours. It is important to point out that they were typing for a majority of their work hours. For these 4 hours, they didn’t have any typos. This provides us with support to our claim that these tables provide us a high chance to avoid all of the mistakes that are common among people who sit all day. We can see that these tables are there to help us with preventing all the mistakes that are so common.