7 Most Popular Sports for Betting in Canada in 2024

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Betting is fun. Earning money while watching games is a favorite hobby for many people across the globe. Let’s dive into the pool of sports betting and explore the most popular sports for betting in Canada.

Sports betting is an entertaining activity for many Canadian individuals. The recent decline in Canadian domestic sports due to the COVID crisis has given rise to new online sports betting world. It was very much existent, but the only difference is the year 2024 added an extra kick to sports betting in Canada.

Bettors love watching games and earn money through betting on online platforms. That sounds fun, right! Canada is known for such lovely bets that allow bettors to bet and make handsome money. All you need is to choose the Powerplay website to start a successful journey to sports betting.

Not just hockey, but all other games are equally played and loved by spectators in Canada. Let’s check out some famous sports on which you can bet in Canada.

  • Hockey

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Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. Perhaps, that’s the key reason why Canadians like to bet on it. Canadians have a great zeal for hockey. 

Canada is well known for its glorious past in the game of hockey. It holds several hockey World records. The country has bagged successive gold medals both in men’s and women’s category in the Olympics.

People in Canada love to play hockey. The game enjoys not only great admiration but also displays high odds for betting fanatics. The sports bettors grab big rewards, unlike other sports in Canada.

It allows people across the world to take part in online sports betting. There is an array of reliable websites available that are legal and trustworthy. Not only do they pay well, but they also offer flexible benefits.

  • Baseball

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Baseball comes as a second choice among Canadians. Though not the most sought game, Baseball has its fair share of fans in the country. People here have a great affinity for the game, and they love to play it anytime.

People get to enjoy a large number of baseball games in a single season. That makes it an inescapable deal for online bettors to bet on it. The total count of MLB games even surpasses the numbers of NHI and the NBA.

The higher number of matches gives bettors even more chances to bet. All they need is a fair understanding of the game to make more money.

  • Basketball

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The game of basketball draws its roots from Canada. The country has given world-class basketball players who earned huge masses in NBA tournaments.

The country has amazing fans and basketball clubs that are enough to match people’s rising needs. The NBA has big names coming from Canada. This game is a preferable choice for many, which drives huge competition and scares bettors to bet online. However, online players with a winning strategy are likely to draw huge profits.

  • Football

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Football is a crowd-pleasing sport, not just in Canada but in the entire world. Canada hosts a large number of football leagues where bettors can easily bet their money. Isn’t that fun?

Canada has its own set of football leagues that gets nationwide attention from football enthusiasts. All you need is to take a keen look at the upcoming matches to bet on your favorite league matches.

People have a good time watching football matches on weekends. That is an excellent source of fun and inspiration for spectators. Each summer witnessed massive participation from online bettors.

Even the college football leagues witness a huge online bet. That helps sports betters earn a fortune at times.

  • Golf

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Golf is an excellent pick for sports bettors. The game enjoys a rich past and glory in Canada. It doesn’t matter which season of the year Golf tops the choice list of players in Canada. That gives bettors a high likeability to bet and add constant money.

Well, bettors often fix bets on gold matches that give them huge profits. There are plenty of online websites that offer bettors a bountiful of chances to win and earn.

  • Tennis

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Tennis is the most likable sport in Canada. The country has few of the best tennis players and are full of game maniacs. The likes of Nadal and Djokovic played a prominent role in influencing Canadian Tennis. Not only do they love to play, but they also enjoy watching their star players. It gives bettors the right time to start their journey of online sports betting. 

Canada houses leading tennis clubs and federations that are responsible for organizing tennis games. That makes it a local fun, and millions of countrymen like it. With each passing year, the tournament size is expanding. It gives sports bettors an ideal choice to place their bet on these games.

  • UFC (MMA)

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Who doesn’t love MMA? Only a few who don’t care much about the game of self-defense. Well, it is not the case in Canada. People loves seeing UFC matches of star players who enjoy a large bunch of admirers in the country. It gives bettors a large base to bet their money.

MMA enjoys big love and support in Canada. On top of that, multiple websites allow bettors to fix their bet on these martial arts events. That makes it an excellent option for bettors to play online and make money.

Final Thoughts

Canada is the hotbed of the sports betting world right now. Grab your betting throttle and place your bets wisely. There is no shortage of upcoming tournaments for your betting quest.

The only wise advice we would give you is to place your bet on the right games that you understand well. It’s all about the true evaluation of the game that makes you a winner most of the time.

Give your betting skill a try this season to learn and earn as much as possible. Choose the right sports for online betting to earn more profits.