Sports Betting Tips and Tricks 2024

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For many, sports betting is a great form of entertainment, while others see their chance for big payouts. By its nature, betting is a form of gambling that carries a great risk of loss. Very few players have been able to make serious income off of it, whereas the majority suffer great losses over and over. There are some tips that bookies will never tell you that can significantly increase the chances of winning. So, before you place a new bet make sure that you covered some basics.

Know your sport

Relying solely on your intuition when putting money down on a sports team can bring you some income based on pure luck. Unless you’re a psychic or some sort of a sports guru, you should do extensive research before placing a bet. Choose a sport you fancy and become a master. Many factors go into one player’s or team game like keeping track of the injuries, what’s the relationship with the coach, was the previous winnings based on a good tactic or luck, and so on. Bringing the knowledge about certain sport to the highest level can help you to make a reasonable decision when choosing who to bet on.

Choose a bookmaker

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Loyalty means a lot in the sports betting world. Every website will try to convince you that they’re the best place for you to wager. The competition between different bookies is fierce which can very well work for you. They will put various ads offering bonuses, discounts, and protections, just to keep you coming back. Check out for a comprehensive list of online sports betting sites.

Research the sites that have been around for a long time with a good reputation when it comes to payouts, and stellar customer service. Check out the odds that they’re offering, since every betting site has different ones. The general rule is that the new websites will offer better odds to attract gamblers, while some established ones are safer to play but offer miserable payouts. Each has its advantages and flaws, so it’s up to you to pick the one that will suit your needs.

The favorite is not always the safest choice

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Although betting on a favorite in the match is going to bring you small, but almost guaranteed to win, that might not be the case every time. First of all, betting is gambling, so you willfully take a chance that one or the other will win. If you’re not ready to risk, maybe gambling is not for you.

Secondly, the favorite can surprise you big time. It’s not always that the better player or team wins. Following their previous results can help you predict if they’re in a good form, are they going through some rough patches in their private lives that can affect their game, etc. So, betting on an underdog against all odds doesn’t have to mean that you’re out of the loop, on the contrary.

Think small, not big

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Bet on one player, or one team, in one game. Maximum three to four. Bookies don’t like this at all because it tells them that you know exactly what you’re doing and it’s highly likely that you’ll win. You know that guy that places $5000 on one tennis player and nothing else? Those are the people who are sure, to a certain degree, based on everything that they saw or read about the player, in his or her chances to win.

Spreading out your bets across 10 or 20 teams, in different leagues, will confuse you leading to making super-risky moves. We’re now going back to the beginning – know your sport. An educated guess is the best thing you can do in betting, everything else depends on Lady Luck.

Research the markets

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Betting on the younger tennis player to win over a seasoned one might seem like money wasted. However, this might not be the case always. Maybe the youngster is on fire, following his winning streak and have more energy to survive the 4-hour or 5-hour match. In team matches, check out the players separately. If the team recently got a boost engaging young players it doesn’t mean that they’ll lose the match.

See their score results and wage accordingly. So, in short, do your homework in detail. Furthermore, understand the bets. For example, you can bet that the soccer team will win the first half and the second half. Or, that they’ll win the first half only, and win the match regardless of the second half. Or that the team will win the match, without placing any bets in regards to halftimes. This also requires research on your part to check how the team is functioning on the field and whether they have the stamina and discipline to play a full 90 minutes.

Shut down your emotions

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You want your team to win, that’s very human, especially when it comes to international competitions like the World Cup. In betting, this is highly undesirable. Making impulsive, emotional decisions will most likely leave you with empty pockets. If you’re fired up about some game, and it’s impossible to make a reasonable bet, the best thing would be not to bet at all. Your heart will probably lead you in the wrong direction. To avoid this, just cheer for your team or a player, and stay away from betting sites.

Play on bookies ignorance

Less popular sports usually have better odds. Bookmakers are constantly chasing after more earnings adding more and more sports to their list without taking the time to do proper research. This is your loophole to make a profit. Their ignorance will make them offer some unbelievable odds without giving it a second thought and focus on more popular sports like football and basketball. Get familiar with less famous sports and seize your chance.

Win or lose, don’t let that lift you up or put you down. Everyone has their good days and not-so-good days. Researching the sport that you’re placing the bets on, will minimize the fluctuations in your earnings.