5 Most Famous Sports Betting Superstitions in 2024

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All of us believe in something that may not be logical or understandable to the people around us, including our friends and families. Some people are praying every morning or evening, others don’t eat before an important event, and there are also some irrational actions that may take over our whole life because we believe that if we don’t do it, it is leading us to bad luck. Even the most popular celebrities may have some routine before they do anything.

Sports celebrities are also known for their way of “inviting” the luck on their side. Some of them are wearing particular clothes, others may play casino games on NetBet or similar services just to check before they take an action, and of course, it’s all acceptable, since we are not obsessed with that. But, sometimes, the superstitions may take over us, and we will feel unsafe and bad if we are not able to perform our whole ritual. That’s irrational and we shouldn’t be possessed by our beliefs.

But, on the other hand, we can’t deny the fact that even the best sports celebrities are usually doing something before the match, so they can maintain good luck. Here are a few examples of that:

  1. Underwear that brings luck

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There is some theory for Michael Jordan, that he never confirmed, but many people that were around him back in the past, say it’s true. The other NBA players who were on the same team with him, saying he was wearing the same practice shorts, even after he left the North Carolina team because he considered them lucky. When he came to Chicago Bulls, he was still wearing the light blue shorts underneath. Maybe that was his secret of being that good in the basketball, and help the team win so many cups and championships.

  1. The red T-shirt charm

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Tiger Woods was studying in the Stanford Cardinal school, where the students were wearing red uniforms. Since then, he is considering the very same color as lucky to him, and if he feels like he needs more of it, he wears red shirts before important events. According to his beliefs, red is just the opposite of green, which is the color of the golf grass around him. Also, this color is known as energizing, strengthening, and passionate, everything a sports player needs before their important event.

  1. The number 33

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The baseball player Larry Walker believed in the power of three, and he always insisted on wearing the number 33 on his uniform. According to the people close to him, at some point, he was obsessed with the threes, and most of them believe it’s related to the area code 303, which is the number of Denver, and he was surrounded by it all his life. The story goes even further. He was always setting the alarm 33 minutes past the hour, and according to his friends and family, he scheduled his wedding at 3:33 pm.

  1. The lucky socks

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Serena Williams is one of the most popular tennis players with a huge row of wins, and rarely losing a match. Her secret? Wearing the same socks, until she loses a match. It may seem like a gross ritual, but probably it worked so smoothly for her. She has a brilliant career behind her, and of course, wearing stinky socks is not the part we all want to remember from her shiny moments.

  1. The hairstyle is important

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You guess we are talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. If you follow his career, you probably know that his hair is never messy, no matter how much he is sweating while playing football. But, it’s not the only thing he believes it’s responsible for his success. For example, when he travels by plane, he wants to get off at first, but when the team travels by bus, he wants to be the last one that leaves the bus. His co-players confirm he is stepping onto the grass with his right foot. When it comes to his hairstyle, he is fixing it between the two halftimes, so he can be sure it always looks good.

Why do people believe in superstitions?

The science says there is nothing like unnatural and paranormal energy in the world, but the fact is that many of us witnessed some weird situation that somehow worked great, and we are not able to explain it. This is the moment where the superstitions jump in. To be honest, we do a lot of things on a daily base that is not proven that work, but we do that anyway.

For example, when someone is sneezing, we will probably say “bless you” or some version of it. Many of us don’t even know that many years ago, sneezing was considered as an act of releasing the devil from the body, or the bad spirits (following different cultures and traditions), and the blessing is a kinda protection from it. These beliefs still have loyal “followers” even though it’s 2024. Some people go to churches before an important meeting or event, others don’t eat, some of them are maintaining a pattern of behaviors that keep them lucky, and so on.

People want to believe that there is something above us that controls what’s happening, and we need to properly appreciate that power, person, or spirit, so we can maintain a bit of good luck in our life.

Popular sports figures are not an exception. As we all know, even the most popular and successful person in this world may have some rituals, that they believe makes them happy and lucky. So, no one needs to judge anyone, especially if your beliefs are different. Just accept it, as you expect the others to accept your preferences and behaviors when it comes to maintaining good luck in our lives. Superstitions are something we choose to believe. It shouldn’t be inherited from our parents or grandparents. We choose what we want to believe in by ourselves, and that’s pretty normal for the celebrities, but also for ordinary people too.