What You Need to Know About Spirit Attachment in 2024 – Is it Real?

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It’s natural, of course, to think that there could be something possibly good about a spirit attachment. Many of us are, due to a variety of factors – mentally, physically, and psychologically in a vulnerable state.  This might be why a spirit could attach itself to us in the first place. We could be perceptive with a gut feeling that is strong along with being highly optimistic about the meaning of a spirit attachment. We might be latching on to the hope that a spirit that has attached itself to us could mean well. We might believe this to be true because we want this to be true. But is it?

Is this where the problem begins? We might be thinking that this presence felt is not sinister: that it’s friendly.  We might start opening up to them, start letting them in.  In most cases, there’s nothing positive about spirit attachments.

Why would this be true? Because by definition if something needs to attach to your energy field it is using that energy as sustenance and therefore not respectful of the host’s being and in many cases, the host’s free will. The spirit – in order to overcome this fact, will present itself as a friend and as a positive addition to your being using very sophisticated methods to obtain your agreement for a hitchhiker’s presence.

Be Wary of “Positive Spirits”

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Many times, when people sense a spirit attachment and come to terms with it, they start shedding the coats of their emotional protection. They begin opening themselves to these spirits because they’ve convinced these spirits don’t mean them harm. And that’s usually how possessions can begin.

If you have seen horror movies about demon possession, you’ll understand some of this better. Of course, much of what is shown in Hollywood is hot garbage, but they do get some things right. One of these things can be an invisible entity that your child befriends. The movie-parents think it’s just something the child is doing, making up an imaginary friend to avoid being lonely and go on in denial. But for the child who opens up to a spirit that is pretending to be its friend, trouble can begin. Children, as one might suspect, are easy prey for spirit meddlers and entity attachments.

The Bottom Line?

If spirits are trying to convince they’re good, you should usually be very wary. Casper doesn’t exist in real life, and there is almost never what one would call a “positive ghost” or a benevolent entity attachment.

There are several real-life examples of these invisible entities, maybe as examples the real stories behind The Conjuring or Amityville Horror.

Spirit Attachments are Harmful?

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It’s important to understand that spirit attachment, no matter how benevolent the spirits might seem, are usually not there for the benefit of the host. What does differ from one case to the other is the location of the attachment, chakra attachment points are common, their relation to Karmic agreements, the host’s free will and other factors that vary as much as the differences between individuals.

We also need to be wary that just because we might sense a presence and we think it’s a ghost trying to communicate, it might be something entirely different: it could be a spirit meddler. And spirit meddlers are dependent on living humans for their energetic sustenance. They will attach to the human energy field if they can even without an explicit agreement.

For better understanding, we might check out to the movies Insidious and Ouija: The Prequel. Both movies deal with similar plots: a channel is opened between the human realm and the spirit realm, with nefarious spirits crossing over and complicating things. And for a better understanding of entity attachments and spirit meddlers visit GetWisdom.com. This is exactly why befriending spirits and believing in the “positives” of it all is such a bad idea: most of us have a very poor education on the subject.

Symptoms of Spirit Attachment

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There are ways to tell if there is a spirit or entity attachment.  Relying on your gut feeling is often not a reliable way to find out. Some of the most obvious symptoms of spirit attachment are:

  • Low Energy Level: Feeling tired and fatigued all the time, with little motivation to do much else.
  • Anxiety or Depression: Feeling anxious or unmotivated most of the time, and there is no plausible reason for feeling this way.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Regular sleep cycle is disturbed, with trouble falling asleep at night. Orsleeping more than what is usually normal.
  • Character Shifts or Mood Swings:  Rapid changes in outlook, mental state or overall feelings.
  • Abuse of Drugs or Alcohol:  Addictions of any kind including using alcohol and/or drugs as self medication or using them as coping mechanism or to feel better.
  • Inner Voice(s) Speaking to You: Inner voice(s)pipping in and seeming to be your own thoughts at times.
  • Impulsive Behavior: Loss of control overbehavior such as burstsofanger or sudden inability to remain calm.
  • Memory Problems:  Memory loss or time gaps.
  • PoorConcentration: Inability to stay focused.
  • Physical Problems with No Obvious Cause: Marks, scratches, and burns, etc. on the body—physical issues that seemingly have no cause to them.
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While highly intuitive people will sometimes know that there’s anentity wishing to attach, most of us won’t be as perceptive. Many of us will, however, be able to sense a feeling of unease. It may present as asense a disturbance; where our bodies will respond to the shift in the surrounding energy. If this feeling of unease is accompanied by any or multiple of these symptoms noted above, you might consider getting help.

Take Action

Having to deal with the knowledge that there might be a malevolent spirit attached to you is tough enough. You might feel scrutinized all the time. You might become aware of the fact that you’re never alone. It can be an uneasy feeling and may take a toll on your mental, physical, and psychological health.

But all of this doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. There are ways of healing these situations and removing entity attachments where ALL beings benefit. An experienced spirit healer or channeler can help you to remove this threat. Karl Mollison is one such spiritual healer and channeler, and can assist.