Why Spike Is Planning to Write a Book

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There are moments in life when you need to stop and take stock. And it is – a young and talented Italian creator with a dense and extraordinary history – is no exception.

In the following we will talk about the reasons and the intimate personal needs that gave rise to the project of writing a very special book, considering his gambler’s activity.

But to fully understand the complexity of his story, we need to take a few steps back.

Born in a place of beauty and stillness

born and raised in one of those areas in central Italy where people go on holiday to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle.

In that quiet village reality, it is difficult to think of a lifestyle that is out of the ordinary; indeed, it is even difficult to think of going anywhere else. In fact, it is difficult to imagine going anywhere else!

In point of fact, people of this region have a deep attachment to the land and hardly ever decide to spend their lives in other cities or abroad. Often, when you are a teenager, you realize that others are not like you, as happened to there. Of course, with his peers, the number one casino games creator in Italy and Canada could share passions such as football, motorbikes, and sports cars and the habit of cultivating dreams for his future.

But after these epidermic and superficial sensations, they sensed that his journey through life was not joint, but parallel to his peers, and this idea became more and more pervasive.

The day Spike made a profession out of a vice

Then at some point, as it happens, Spike found himself an adult, realizing that he was indeed different from the average person. Not better, simply different.

They felt he was searching for something. Maybe it was due to the boredom of having been born and raised in a placid town in central Italy – one of those where nothing ever happens – or maybe it was just the way it was. The fact is that this guy started betting and gambling with real money.

In those years it became a popular casino games gambler – saw many people take the wrong path and move away from what could have been a peaceful and regular life. The feeling grew in him that perhaps gambling was not just a hobby, but something more: a part of his life that he could potentially lose control over.

Although several people around him tried to warn him about the dangers of gambling, because of his temperament and personality he decided to go his own way. Plus, you know when you start out in life, it is not so much the advice of “grown-ups” or those who are more expert than you that counts, but the desire to experiment and make mistakes on your own skin.

Perhaps paying for any mistakes yourself

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Then, over the course of a few years, things happened naturally, perhaps a little by chance. The YouTube channel where Spike instinctively started uploading videos of his winnings to share with friends and acquaintances slowly became popular, even if at first the content wasn’t very good. Then came the affection in the comments that many people unknown to him posted to give him a greeting, a compliment, and sometimes, to ask for help.

And the last point, that of asking for help, particularly struck him.

He wondered what made people who had problems with wagering ask him for help. After all, They won and lost a lot of money in his videos, and – if we want to be honest – he was not a good example for those who followed him. In spite of everything, It is becoming a reference point for the Online Gaming niche and not only for the Italian audience but also abroad.

Slowly, the simple hobby of filming his games and uploading them online became a full-fledged job. After YouTube came the website Spikeslot, the biggest reference point for guides, reviews, and online casinos on the Italian scene. And as times evolved, other social platforms such as Instagram and Twitch were added to his work and dissemination tools.

Spike’s book

Source: spikeslot.com

But all this is not enough for Spike of Spikeslot Canada. And now that the young Italian creator of casino games has a respectable following in the world of online games – and has managed to create a virtuous circle, starting from a potentially negative base – a further need has arisen.

As they say, “I have never forgotten my initial difficulties and the requests for help from followers who showed affection towards me, even if they took the wrong path of Gambling Addiction. And that’s why I decided to write a book. I don’t know how it will be structured yet. But I would like to try to teach awareness and the idea of a “positive gambling” even to those who love a risky field like betting”.

Spike in fact is known for his different approach compared to the rest of the gamblers who often don’t appreciate the negative publicity of highlighting the risks of gambling and the negative sides of an unthought Betting activity.

Trying to put together the light and shade of this reality is certainly something new and innovative in the gaming industry.

It’s not just a matter of the monitoring and wagerer protection policies adopted by most of the legally licensed casinos globally, but of exposing himself personally.

According to it, there is no point in denying: as the Italian creator has more than once reminded us, gaming – like other things in life – has its downside.

And although the temptation to keep betting, especially to recover money lost at the game is strong, it is never the right way. This will never cease to remind his audience.

For Spike, the project of writing a book is just the natural communicative evolution towards his spectators. As with SpikeSlot and his YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch channels, writing a book is just one more tool, perhaps more intimate, but no less important.

And seems very enthusiastic about dedicating himself to this project. For now, we still know very little about it, but we can’t wait to find out where this new road will take the Italian iGaming creator, with the certainty that it will give us extraordinary stimuli, as indeed all his story reveals.