Spencer Morgan, “Spoiled Brat” Of Piers Morgan, Scoffs At 20% Wage Cuts

Image source: Instagram

Spencer Morgan, the son of controversial Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan took to Twitter to hit out struggling Brits, arguing people shouldn’t moan about slashed salaries as they are “saving money” during the lockdown.

Furious fans didn’t agree, with one writing: “Wow. This tweet screams privilege”, “Something a spoiled brat would say and something I didn’t think you were! We live and learn”, “Absolutely disrespectful to those that live hand to mouth unlike yourself…”, “Not everyone has a millionaire father”, etc.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

Spencer, who went to a $20k-a-year private school, is a freelance journalist who regularly boasts about his exotic holidays on Instagram.



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