Special Tips Of The Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors That You Need To Know


After renting or building a house of your choice, you will want it to look awe-inspiring and absolutely fantastic. Floors mean a lot and of late, people try to beautify and decorate their houses with one that is the state of the art. Laminate ones are great and you cannot have enough of them. However, since they also get dirty, you need the best vacuum for laminate floors to keep them clean. They not only make the floor stylish but also great, awesome, amazing, and sleek. You can install them at home and even in offices.

The laminate material is a compound that comprises wood, Aluminium, and resins, etc. When you procure the right device, it will clean and maintain a spectacular look on your floor because it does not damage it. When organic substances like food spill on the laminate floor, they will get into the joints and start rotting to develop molds. Therefore, before buying a laminate vacuum, you should inspect the floor installation to determine which one is best suited for it.

What factors should you consider before buying a vacuum?

Construction of the laminate floor – there are diverse materials that are used to construct these and they differ from each other. It depends on the one that yours is made of, to determine which vacuum suits it best. The material has four layers:-

  • Wear layer is the topmost layer that has fiber and plastic resins and Aluminium oxide: which maintains its shine by preventing scratches and scuff marks.
  • Image or decorative layer comes second which is made of ceramic, hardwood, and other printed material with images.
  • The central core layer is the third layer which contains high or medium fiberboard that provides a base to the duo cores. Furthermore, it is also made of compact wood fiber incorporated with melamine resin or a water-resistant material to keep dampness at bay.
  • The bottom layer is a backing layer which barricades moisture to the other three layers above. It also has waterproof material.

Features of the best vacuum for laminate floors:

Powerful suction – you need one which will suck up dirt thoroughly without leaving any of it lying on the ground. It should also have a diversity of settings if it is designed for multitasking. You should ensure that the vacuum cleans the ground and leaves its sparkling clean. Even if it has all the other features in perfect condition but the suction is compromised, you will never like it.

Bare floor tool – the vacuum should also have this tool which is specifically installed to clean your laminate floor. It is a washable microfiber pad or a soft brush that cleans your ground without damaging it. The manufacturer ensures that the device will not lower the beauty of your floor. That is why they install the soft microfiber brush.

Filtration for better quality air – most devices work and produce dust which flies in the air and then settles down to dirty the floor again or to dirty other parts of the house. Vacuums for laminate floors are designed to clean the ground and also catch the particles that could be flying in the air. They have filters which capture the particles and prevent the vacuum from clogging. If your vacuum has HEPA or washable filters, it is more recommendable.

Attachments are useful for cleaning sharp corners and other places which are hard to reach. You should buy a vacuum that has an extension wand, upholstery tool, swivel handle, crevice tool, and brush among others. They are necessary because of their versatility and how they make your device useful in cleaning other surfaces.

Img source: realhomes.com

Noise is a pollutant of the environment. Obviously, you would not want to clean your floor with a noisy vacuum. On the contrary, you would want a silent one which will clean even in the presence of other people and not disrupt them. Wherefore, go for a silent vacuum because it will not cause you hearing problems.

Motor power is the core feature of every device and vacuums are not exempted. A powerful motor powers the machine and makes its performance to be topnotch and absolutely marvelous. However, unlike other gadgets, a vacuum should not have a top of the range motor power, because instead of cleaning the floor, it does the opposite. It yields excessive pressure which scatters the dirt and other debris away and even makes the air dusty instead of sucking them in. Go for a motor which has moderate power.

Portability is a key factor which is directly proportional to weight and size. You should go for a lightweight vacuum which also has detachable components for ease of movement.

To wide up, these are the features and qualities that you should look for when buying a vacuum for laminate floors. Learn more about these devices.