5 Best Speakers For Vinyl Record Player 2024

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Vinyl has made a massive return, with a lot of people getting a high audio fidelity and profound results with vinyl sound systems. Below, we have a list of some of the best speakers for the vinyl record players, so even if you have a tight budget, we have included top-rated options for you with a variety of features.

Edifier S2000 Pro

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These speakers are highly designed bookshelf speakers. They have a lot of clarity and power and have been used regularly as a studio monitor for producers and musicians, indicating how good quality they are.

The Edifier S2000 Pro speakers are designed to connect with several devices and built with Bluetooth. They can be used for linking to a home cinema or Television, a laptop, or even your sound system. However, they make an excellent companion too for the record player.


  • Exceptional constituents – This is made with good flat diaphragm tweeters and 5.5-inch woofers to create a definite power and sound
  • The ability of Bluetooth to connect to a large number of devices
  • Two-year warranty
  • To avoid getting up to make adjustments, this speaker comes with remote control
  • You can connect your record player with different inputs, even if it’s not a Bluetooth model. It has XLR, RCA ports, AUX inputs, and a control panel


  • Quite costly – These speakers are not the best choice of speakers for people on a tight budget
  • The wood isn’t pure – Though it does not have an effect on the sound it provides, it doesn’t look right

JBL Charge 4

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Lots of turntable designs these days are portable. Suitcase record players and designs similar to it allow you to carry the turntable to a campsite, or even to a party or beach and play your best jams. This kind of turntable might have speakers included, but might not be the best.

The JBL Charge is a brilliant option when you need Bluetooth speakers to connect to your record player when you are not at home. Although they might not be a realistic option or the best bookshelf speakers for listening at home, these speakers are the best companion while traveling.


  • Waterproof – They can withstand the rain and any wet condition
  • Apart from Bluetooth record players, they can be used with several devices
  • Built to be durable and robust – they can handle slightly damaged or being dropped
  • Ability to connect more than one speaker to the record player
  • A stable battery life which could last for almost a whole day depending on the volume


  • You can only connect to two devices at the same time
  • Audio clarity is not as excellent as some home record player speakers or bookshelf speakers
  • They don’t offer a clear stereo sound

PreSonus Eris E4.5

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The range of this speaker is a huge leap forward. Although they are primarily designed to be a “studio monitor” for the production of music, they make an excellent option for the turntable, and they connect in the same manner.

These speakers is the right choice for people that want to practice how to be a DJ and a Casual listener too. There’s a lot more to like about this product, ranging from its modern tech features to its excellent build quality.


  • Superior speakers that handle up-to 100 dB SPL
  • Comes with an EL control to allow you to readjust to your favorite jam
  • Exceptionally made 1 -inch transducer for the high frequencies, and a 4.5 -inch transducers for the lows
  • Power of 50 watts
  • Subsonic and Transient protection to prevent noise stemming and unwanted buzz from the vibrations


  • Not appropriate for any use of Bluetooth, so they are not wireless speakers
  • The sound begins at a frequency of 70 Hz, which implies, a missing low bass frequency

Polk Audio T15

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If you require a less expensive speaker that has a good quality for listening to your favorite songs, the Polk T15 could be a perfect choice.

This budget record player speakers are affordable, coming in a low price scale. Although you might not get a high-quality sound at this price, however, these speakers prove that there is a little bit of quality available.


  • It could be extended with a Polk subwoofer
  • 75 -inch silk tweeter combined with a 5.25 -inch driver
  • Relatively low buzzing or distortion for a cheap set of speakers
  • Dynamic balance technology to split the sound appropriately, thereby creating a better performance


  • MDF construction is satisfactory, but not the best available quality
  • They will not need to run through any form of amplifier since they are active speakers

Edifier R1280DB

Img source: edifier.com

Although this is the second product made by Edifier on this list, and the second pair of bookshelf speakers, the Edifier R1280DB is a notable good and cheap option for people with a tight budget looking for excellent audio clarity.

These are one of the speakers with the best customer review, as people are consistently impressed with the quality of a set of less expensive speakers with a lot of connectivity.


  • Connect with optical cables or coaxial or connect via wireless Bluetooth to a lot of devices; Bluetooth record players Inclusive
  • Durable and comes with a warranty of two years to protect what you bought
  • It comes with a remote control to enable an easy adjustment from anywhere you are sitting
  • The quality of the sound is very excellent, thanks to Edifier, who made these with a 13mm dome tweeter and 4 -inch bass for audio clarity


  • It could be found wanting in punch through the frequency of the bass. This could be frustrating for people that like songs with bass
  • Although it comes with a remote control, they are not the most reliable, or the highest quality remote ever seen
  • Most users lay complaints that controlling the volume with the remote control is quite tricky, and the Bluetooth is not reliable


Choosing the ideal speakers for a vinyl record player is an individual choice. The Recommended models on the list above all have excellent features. Balance the elements of your speakers to the turntable, making sure that they are compatible before hooking up your new speaker, and enjoy long hours of quality music.