Some Facts about Construction Accidents in the USA

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Working in the construction business certainly carries lots of risks along the way and it is one of the most difficult and riskiest jobs. The astonishing 20% of 5,000 accidents that are work-related occur on the construction sites. Despite the many safety measures, there are still cases of injuries that occur every day.

Out of the five deaths of workers that occur annually, one occurs on the construction site. A piece of alarming information is that out of all the injuries that occur, half of the very serious injuries that happen in the workplace go unreported every year. Every worker has his rights and the injuries shouldn’t go unnoticed and unreported. Know your rights and claim them in order to protect yourself as much as possible.

As many accidents are entirely preventable through proper training and continuing education, it is imperative that employers consider offering OSHA 10 online training through specialists like 360 Training for their employees to ensure they have the knowledge they need to manage worksite hazards and prevent injuries.

The Most Frequent Risk Factors

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One of the reasons accidents occur is the speed of work. Everything revolves around money, so the employers usually push the workers to finish everything fast. Setting very short deadlines puts a lot of pressure on the workers leaving less time to think about the general protection. The hastiness often leads to forgetting about basic safety rules which as a result has injuries, falls from a great height and even death.

Every year more than 350 people die after a fall from a great height. The falls can occur for a number of reasons: openings without clear signs, improperly positioned ladders, limited space or sometimes it can be caused by losing consciousness due to great physical exhaustion. This is why it is important to have clear signs throughout the construction site that everyone can see and be careful, especially with the openings on the great heights.

Also, ladders should be properly secured so that the risk of falling is minimized to the greatest extent. It is necessary to place them as evenly as possible or secure them in any other way that will guarantee safety. Falling off the roof is also very frequent and it should be prevented by all means necessary.

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In addition, having regular physical exams is also important. If there is a sign of illness that can impact the safety of that person and the rest of the people working, it should be addressed in a timely manner, so that all the workers can be protected as much as possible. In case of illnesses that can impact the consciousness of the worker, then a change of a workplace may be the right solution. Switching to a less risky position can significantly decrease the risk of falling and experiencing various injuries.

Struck-by injuries can be caused by falling objects or vehicles. Nearly 75% of fatal injuries are caused by heavy equipment such as cranes or trucks. Workers are also under a great risk of electrocution and this occurs due to the contact with unsecured power lines. Burns are also very frequent and falls from elevators can also occur.

The workers on the construction sites operate heavy machinery and it is not rare that a small moment of decreased focus can lead to a fatal outcome. In most cases, accidents occur as a result of objects falling from great heights, such as the tool or piece of hard materials, improper use of power tools, insufficient protection of the workers in the trenches and tripping hazards. It is important to take all the necessary precautions in order to decrease the risk of accidents as much as possible.

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The group that is most at risk is between 25 and 35 years old. This may be the case because during this time workers just get started getting trained for the job. If the training is not complete or is too superficial, the accident rate increases.

This is why it is important to invest the time and the money in the proper training. Having even one worker injured is a pretty serious matter and it can greatly impact the quality of life of that particular man, but his family as well.

Operating power tools can occur due to improper training, electrical issues, defects of a mechanical nature or the human factor. Taking into consideration just how physically demanding the work on the construction site is, the constant pressure on the joints and muscles can cause them to tear, resulting in pain and developing serious health conditions.

What Should you do if you get Injured?

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In case you have been injured in your workplace, you should immediately go to the hospital. Get the right treatment for your injuries. Make sure you understand the extent of your injuries and the possible price range for the treatment. You must have a detailed report of your injuries and the overall physical condition to be able to file a report to your supervisor. Inform your company about the entire situation and the conditions it happened in.

In addition, your employer should also write a report of his own and provide you with a copy. If there are witnesses, make sure you get their general information so you can provide their contact if necessary. If possible, take pictures of the site where the accident occurred. Also, it is advisable to write the details of your accident while everything is still fresh in your mind, so if the process drags out, you can read it from time to time and remind yourself about the course of events. If you wish to inform yourself about your rights after the construction accident, click here.

It is not easy to find yourself in the situation to be injured, in pain and with many bills to pay, but without the ability to work. This is why it is important to know your rights and to get the right compensation from your employer for the situation you are in. Even if you’ve taken all the measures to protect yourself, accidents happen. Try to stay as calm as possible, so you can assess the situation objectively. Focus on your recovery and do what you can to control the situation.