A Solo Female Traveler’s Guide to Kerala

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Today, women are boldly stepping out to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. When it comes to travel and tourism, they are not afraid of venturing out alone and traveling solo. Thus, it is no surprise to see popular travel companies such as ekeralatourism.net designing special packages for solo travelers and catering to their needs.

Women who travel solo do so to discover their strength and know themselves better, plus enjoy their own company. What they are looking for are some unique experiences that can be enjoyed only when they travel solo. Kerala, famous as God’s Own Country, has become a popular place for solo female travelers, and for good reasons.

Why Kerala?

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Most women prefer Kerala to travel solo as it is not only one of the most beautiful spots to explore in India but also the safest. Moreover, the Keralites are well known for being friendly, educated, and welcoming. As the locals are used to seeing so many women tourists, they readily welcome solo female travelers. Kerala is also known for its general cleanliness. The cities, towns and their roads are well planned with a proper drainage system.

Thus, Kerala is arguably one of the favorite places among solo female travelers to visit in India. This place has everything, great food, people and climate, mystical backwaters, rolling tea plantations and sweeping game reserves.

When to visit Kerala

If you love glorious green landscapes, then visit Kerala during the monsoons. It is indeed an incomparable experience to feast your eyes on the green expanse of land under monsoon showers. You can either sit in your room and enjoy the views from your window with a hot cup of coffee or step out on those rainy days.

Is it safe?

Many female travelers often get anxious about their safety when traveling alone. However, Kerala is the place for you as it is not only safe but welcoming too. People would not make any judgments if you are traveling alone and will go all out to help you out. Hence, you will always feel absolutely safe and secure when you travel across the state and explore its attractions.

Best places to visit in Kerala on a solo trip

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Here are some of the top destinations to explore in Kerala when traveling solo.

  • Visit the backwaters – The backwaters in Kerala are a must-see adventure for any solo female traveler in Kerala. Create lifetime memories as you meander through the backwater and get a preview of the lives of people living along these canals.
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  • Munnar plantations – Do not miss the chance to enjoy vast expanses of greenery as you take a look at those plantations stretching across acres and acres in Munnar. Munnar is a gorgeous hilly area that is just perfect for solo female travelers. They can spend some peaceful time here and explore the place that boasts of huge waterfalls amidst rocky areas.
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  • Explore Fort Kochi- Fort Kochi is a wonderful seaside area that is known for Portuguese, Dutch, and British influences. You can find the impact in the architecture and food of the quaint city with an eclectic mix of local flavors and different cosines. Watch how fishermen use elaborate bamboo fishing nets and enjoy dining at some upscale cafes and eateries.
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  • Kovalam beaches – You will love Kovalam because of its amazing beaches. It is the perfect tourist destination if you are a beach buff. Located in Trivandrum, Kovalam welcomes you with a calm and serene environment. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities for an outstanding traveling experience in Trivandrum.
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  • Cultural trip to Thrissur – If you are interested in learning more about the cultural capital of Kerala, head towards Thrissur. Enjoy the annual festival of the Thrissurkar and have a look at elaborately decorated elephants and temples. Join in the celebrations and immerse yourself in the music of the traditional percussion instruments.
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  • Stay at Alleppey houseboats – Alleppey is another popular spot to visit in Kerala because of its backwaters. It is an incredible experience to stay in one of the houseboats, which are the major attractions in the city. Enjoy sightseeing as well as the best cuisine Kerala has to offer in your houseboat, which is perfectly safe and secure.
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  • Periyar National Park- Also known as Periyar Tiger Reserve, the wildlife sanctuary is home to some significant animals such as tigers and elephants. Thus, if you are an animal lover, this is the right spot for you. Walk around the park to spot sambar deer, macaques, Indian bison, and leopards. Enjoy a boat ride in Periyar Lake and explore spice plantations in the area.
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Some tips for solo female travelers

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Stick to the following guidelines when traveling in Kerala.

  • Although most Keralites know English, it won hurt if you learn a few words or phrases of the local language Malayalam.
  • Stay at a well-rated accommodation when traveling alone and when in a new place. Many female travelers prefer a popular homestay as a safer accommodation.
  • Travel only with the basic essentials and avoid overpacking. Keep necessities such as a power bank, medical kit, an umbrella, or a raincoat and avoid carrying any valuables.
  • As Kerala is very humid, wear cool and comfortable cotton clothes and avoid wearing any synthetic fabrics.
  • Keep your mobile phone always charged and share your intoner with family and friends. Do not forget to carry your charger at all times.
  • Follow the local norms, respect the culture, and dress modestly, especially in smaller towns and religious places.
  • Beware of swindlers and always keep in touch with your family. Allow nobody to make a fool of you and do not travel any personal details with unknown people.

Smoking and drinking can be enjoyed within pubs and hotels

Kerala is the perfect destination for all solo female travelers as it is not only safe and welcoming but also offers the most spectacular scenery. Just be willing to adjust and be open to new ideas and experiences to make the most out of your trip. Keep the above guidelines and tips in mind when traveling to Kerala as a solo female traveler.