Social Casinos – A Growing Trend in the Gaming Industry in 2024

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Along with online casinos, developers introduce games that have a new unique concept. The main difference is that it is impossible to win money in such a game. The users do not invest their own money to play games. Such casinos are widely introduced on the market right now.

Benefits of Having a Social Casino

As we have already established, a player cannot invest or make money playing games in a social casino. Thus, it may seem that such institutions will not be profitable for the owners. However, the experience showed that the popularity of such games has increased drastically in the last several years. Here are the main benefits of such casinos and reason it is such a good investment:

  1. Software

Considering that social casinos are becoming more and more popular, there shouldn’t be any difficulties finding a good software developer. For example, one of the most popular kinds of social casinos is Play Money Poker. It has proven to be very profitable over the years. If you are considering opening such a platform, check out and get high-quality service for a reasonable price.

  1. Prohibition of offline casinos

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Another reason social casinos are so popular is the prohibition of offline gambling institutions in many countries. People do not have the opportunity to play poker or baccarat, and they look for alternatives. In this perspective, you will always have clients if your product is good.

  1. Users do not spend money

Although many people like to spend serious money on gambling, for the majority losing their money that way is not an option. That is why social casinos have become the main alternative. Players have the opportunity to experience their favorite games without risking money. In this perspective, such casinos cover a wider audience.

  1. Convenience

To play in an offline gambling institution, a person needs to get there physically. But when it comes to a social casino, all a player needs to do is open a website and start enjoying free poker. It means that the chances of attracting new users are much higher than in regular gambling institutions.

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Who Chooses Social Casinos?

Such projects are more adapted to a young audience. Students, schoolchildren, and even older people, who are not ready to play for real money, are the main users. Even if people choose to play a paid game mode or invest in additional services, the price tags are not as high and gamers can usually afford to spend that money without regret.

Free and absolutely legal social casinos turned out to be much more addictive and costly than classic online casinos. The average player spends time on such platforms every day. At the same time, he plays the game for more than an hour and spends up to 7,000 dollars a year. More than half of social network users play social games. At the same time, 85% of participants use mobile devices (mainly smartphones) for this. Social slots are more attractive to women. More than 50% of users are female, while in regular gambling it is less than 40%.

The small investments from individual players are what brings good annual income for owners of social casinos. Constant updating of the games results in players being pleased. Given such a high degree of profitability and demand, we can say with confidence that social casino is a successful project that occupies a worthy position in the world of virtual games!

How Do Social Casinos Make Money?

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Free social gaming machines and strategies live off ambitious players who buy VIP accounts, game chips, lives, closed rounds, exclusive avatars, and special features for the character. Free options are usually calculated so that a person enjoys the game for no more than half an hour. Having tried an interesting game, many decide to extend the pleasure for money.

Additionally, a player retention mechanism is much more aggressive than in classic online casinos. To attach a participant, they are sent messages about new opportunities, the development of game locations or characters, they offer individual bonuses for certain actions (most often, paid).

The Story of Success:

Gambling in social networks is a particularly promising market sector for companies, since there is no such thing as a win in real money, unlike land-based casinos and traditional online casinos. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies are seeking to join this rapidly growing sector. For example, in 2015, Playtika, a world-famous Israel gaming corporation,  bought Caesars Entertainment Corporation. The amount of the transaction is $80 million.

Caesars became one of the first operators in the industry that was able to see the potential of the market, thanks to which in 2011 he became the owner of a share in Playtika. Over the following years, the company was engaged in the development, strengthening its position, acquiring new companies and expanding its customer base.

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The operator’s daily audience exceeds 5.7 million active users. This indicator reaches 18.6 million per month, and the number of unique monthly users – 16.8 million. No other casino can boast of such numbers.

Also, the development of social gaming will provide cross-platform games and the ability to play the same game from different devices. This can be observed in synchronization: each player of the group participates in the process from their device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). It was the ability to communicate during the game that made social gambling such a popular pastime among numerous players.


As you can see, social casinos are a promising sector that develops each day. Being legal in each country in the world, it is a much more attractive investment than a regular online casino. Moreover, the experience of other companies in this niche proves that it is a profitable business with a very wide target audience. Teenagers and women, who are not the usual customers of the casinos have become valuable players in social casinos.