Smart Home Devices for Vacation Rentals


When you are planning your next vacation and looking into vacation rentals, you may find you have a whole lot more options than ever before. Smart technology is now number one on a lot of travelers’ lists when it comes to which rental property they want to take because it is convenient and makes the whole experience streamlined and stress-free. Smart home technology is not something new, but the improvements made to the technology in recent years are nothing short of miraculous. There are so many reasons to look for a rental that offers the following smart home features.

What is a smart home device?

Smart home devices are any devices used in the home that can be controlled remotely by an app on your cell phone or another electronic device. An example of a smart home device would be a video doorbell that works on an app on your cell phone. When activated, your phone would give you an indication that someone is ringing your doorbell and then you will be able to view and communicate with whoever is at the door. This requires some equipment like a video camera, a speaker, and a cell phone. When you are on vacation and living in a rental property in a foreign city with little experience, this type of security can give you tremendous peace of mind.

Other useful smart home devices for vacation rentals


Nowadays, more people are looking for options for vacation rentals that limit the amount of face-to-face interaction. Companies like DACK help owners and proprietors of these vacation rentals offer their guests a fully contactless experience with their vacation rental app for smart homes. This app can be accessed from the guest’s smartphone and allow them to control the amenities of the property such as heating, air conditioning, lights, dishwasher and coffee machine. Other benefits of DACK’s property management system include:

  • Stay enhancements and upsells – DACK’s app allows the guests to make requests such as voice activation or other upgrades right from their phone
  • Digital property guide – This digital guide is catered to your guests and gives them access to one-touch wifi, property information and other important features.
  • Digital access and smart locks – There is no more need to have a specific time to meet the property manager to pick up the key, or wait for guests who are running late. All that is needed is a code for the keypad and they can let themselves in.
  • Local recommendations – The app will provide useful information on local restaurants, theaters, and other fun things to do in the city.
  • Guest verification and check-in/check-out – No more waiting at a front desk when guests need to check or out, it is all done with a click of a button.
  • Guest messaging and insights – Get guest feedback, problems, or requests immediately on the message board.
  • Smart home and IoT page – State-of-the-art digital monitoring system allows you control over lighting, air conditioning, and others

Other types of smart-home devices available in rental properties



This may seem like a given, but the quality of the wifi and the ease with which a guest can access it are very important when booking a property and coming back again. You want to engage the guest in as many positive as possible to get repeat business and add-ons as well.

Smart locks

These types of locks eliminate the need for a key deposit, a key, or a lockbox. A smart lock consists of a keypad for a code to open the door to the property. It also means no contact is necessary when the guest checks in or check out.

Smart thermostats

If you have been away for the day and feel like having a cosy warm house to go back to, you can adjust the thermostat to any temperature you want while you are away so you don’t have to wait to heat up. The same with air conditioning. It may start to get hot while you are away and you want the air to be cooler in the property for when you get back so you don’t have to wait. These things call all be controlled electronically.

Smart television


Not all of your vacation days are spent doing something away from the rental property, there will be times when guests want to stay in and watch their favorite shows on their streaming services. A smart television can tune in to another Netflix or Prime Video account and your guests can continue binge-watching the latest shows.

Noise detectors

A smart noise detector can let the property manager know when noise levels are exceeding what is allowed for the property. It can also let the people staying there know that they are being too loud and to turn down the music, television or whatever it is they are blaring. This allows everyone to enjoy their vacation at a reasonable volume level.

External security cameras

These cameras can be controlled through an app and give the property manager and guest peace of mind knowing they will be notified of anyone outside the property. These cameras often come with a microphone so the guests can ask questions of the visitors before letting them in.


Smart lighting and smart switches

These lights can effectively reduce electricity bills in rental homes by giving the property manager control over lights that are left on for no reason or giving guests the power to turn some lights on before they enter the house so they feel safer and can see where they are going.

Vacation rentals are becoming a very hot item for travelers, especially those who want to be able to choose the amenities like smart devices, keyless entry and electronic check-in. When you decide to book a rental property, look for the technology that will make your experience more convenient, more comfortable and much smarter. When the property offers an app that is catered to your specific needs, then you know you will enjoy your vacation that much more.