5 Useful Skills You Can Learn Online

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Thanks to the Internet, learning new skills has never been easier. It used to be that if you wanted to learn a new skill you needed to apply to secondary education – such as a College or University – and pick up those skills along the way, or, barring a learning institute, to pick up a book on the subject and try to master it yourself without any sort of guidance.

Thankfully now all you need is an internet connection, access to various Online Learning Platforms or YouTube, and a way to connect with other people and you can learn practically anything.

However some skills are more helpful than others according to IMHO Reviews “Best skills to learn in 2024” article . While learning a new hobby is great, there are some skills that you might want to learn just because they’re useful and helpful for any sort of life situation. Here are 5 that can translate to any other skillset you want to cultivate and can help you in so many different ways that they’re essentially life skills that everyone should know.

Let’s look at them.

  • Speed Reading

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Time is very important, and your time is no less important than anyone else’s. Speed Reading is one of those skills that you can pick up and learn to do that will save you time, AND make you able to retain the information of what you read.

So what is Speed reading essentially? It’s where you’re able to look at a text and gauge what it’s about by quickly reading the subtext or subject and connecting subject, to theme and all that. Basically you just read every third or fourth worth and pick up on the nouns and idea and form it together. It’s pretty complicated to understand, but easy to do in practice.

Try it! Learning to do it is a skill that takes no time at all, and is one of those that you slowly start to build up master of over time with continual application. Especially if you’re the sort of person who likes to read a lot.

  • Another Language

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There really doesn’t need to be much said on WHY you should learn another language. In fact a lot of people have written about why learning multiple languages is a handy, useful skill to do. Suffice to say that learning another language is not only a lot easier than people claim it to be, but also now easier than ever to get into thanks to a multitude of different Apps and Online Programs.

  • Basic Home/Vehicle Repair

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Sometimes things just break down. That’s just a rule of life. If you have a tool or machine or something that has a lot of moving parts, daily wear and tear and use will wear them down and render them broken; or in the case of homes, just break down randomly due to the passage of time.

Problem is, calling a professional to come in and fix the repairs take a LOT of money, even for something as minor as fixing a door, or a flat tire on a car. Sure, you want Professionals to fix and repair major problems with your home and vehicle because these people have spent time and effort to learn the ins and out of homes/vehicles and know what they’re doing, but why pay for things that you can learn to do on your own?

It’s true: Learning to fix basic things in your home or on your vehicle can not only save you an expensive trip to a professional who will bill you hundreds of dollars for 30 mins of work, but it can also lead you to improving your skill on home/vehicle repair that will eventually in turn make you an expert.

Perhaps not an expert enough to become a professional (not without actual training and credentials) but enough of one that if something were to happen you could just break out your own tool box and spend an afternoon fixing the problem and saving a lot of money down the line.

  • Writing

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Believe it or not, but writing is a skill that transcends every job and life situation. When I talk about writing, I don’t just mean the ability to pick up a pen and write out creative fiction – though that is certainly a fun hobby to also learn. I’m talking about being able to structure sentences in a grammatical way that is both easy to read and understand and translates your thoughts from one part to the next.

The reason why Writing well is a necessary skill is because writing is still one of the quickest, easiest ways to convey thoughts and ideas from one person to another. Think about it: If you’re on the internet reading blogs and e-mails and reading social media posts, you’re reading something that other people have written.

In fact you’re READING an article right now skills that are useful.

You see where I’m getting here? People read an ungodly amount of text every single day and if you write well you’re seen as someone who is smart and intelligent. No matter what job you hold or who you connect with, being able to write well is a skill that people take note of and pay attention to and it WILL make communications with you a lot easier as well.

Plus, it helps a lot as well with the next skill on our list.

  • Charisma

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Being charismatic is extremely hard. Not only do you have to know how to actually engage with people and keep their attention, but also reply back in a way that evokes confidence and inner strength and cultivate a skillset that draws people to you.

Now, being Charismatic is no easy feat, but luckily it IS a skillset that you can cultivate and develop. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just something that you’re born with. Sure, there are a lot of people who seemingly just ‘know’ what to say and do to draw attention to themselves and develop connections with people to draw on, but for these people it’s been a life time of trial and error to get that way and learning how to engage with other people.

So what do you get if you’re charismatic then, and why even learn it? Because being Charismatic opens a LOT of doors for you down the line. It’s a great way to network with people and be seen as someone who is trustworthy, skillful, and to be able to be counted on in a moment of need. Learning Charisma is something that everyone should learn as a skill simply because everyone – no matter their position in life – can improve with this skill.