Simple Cost-Effective Landscaping Tips to Sell Your Home

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If you’re planning on selling your property, you’ll want to ensure it’s looking its best. Taking the time to enhance the décor, carry out minor repairs and improve its appearance can make a big difference to the price you’ll get.

However, it isn’t just the inside of your property you need to be concerned about. With these handy tips, you can enhance your outdoor space and minimize the time it takes to sell your property.

1. Shape overgrown trees

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It doesn’t take long for shrubs and trees to become overgrown and this can make your yard look untidy. With simple trimming and shaping, you can cut overhanging branches, remove dead leaves and ensure your trees are a stunning focal point. If you are not comfortable with performing tree maintenance yourself, contact a professional service like They can provide an affordable alternative.

While many homeowners like to use topiary to shape their trees into recognizable shapes and figures, you don’t have to go this far when you’re planning to sell a property. Removing overgrown sections of shrubs will be enough to keep your garden looking neat and tidy as potential buyers look around.

2. Clean out water features

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If you have ponds or fountains on your property, it’s vital you give them a thorough clean before your house goes on the market. While water features should be cleaned at regular intervals anyway, it’s always worth cleaning them before your house is open for viewing.

Algae and moss can build up quickly on water features and this can leave them looking dirty and outdated. Keeping them well-maintained will ensure they look fantastic and will also indicate that you’re a homeowner who pays attention to detail, which will impress prospective bidders.

3. Watch out for drainage issues

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Anyone who is buying a new home will be on the lookout for drainage issues, so be sure these are resolved before you try and sell. If your drains regularly overflow or a downpour leaves water standing in your yard, potential buyers will be hesitant about putting in an offer. Even minor issues, such as foliage clogging the drain, could put buyers off, so take the time to unclog your drains and resolve any drainage issues before you sell the property.

4. Keep your garden neat and tidy

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It doesn’t take long for backyards to become unruly, but this can be unsightly for potential buyers. Even mowing your lawn can help to showcase the property, so don’t discount the impact that landscaping can have when you’re trying to make a sale. When you’re selling your home, you’re selling the outdoor space too and buyers will be keen to see its potential.

5. Get help from professionals

Selling a house can be time-consuming and stressful, so you may not have the time to make adjustments to your outdoor space. With professional landscaping help, however, you can have your gardens looking stunning before potential buyers arrive to view the property.

The amount of outdoor space which accompanies your property can have a major impact on its value. Keeping your yard in tip-top condition can help you to achieve a higher asking price, so last-minute landscaping is essential when you’re selling a house.