Signs of a Drug Addict at a Workplace Environment

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If you are a business leader, CEO, manager, or someone responsible for a lot of people in the corporate structure of a company or an organization then you need to understand that the safety as well as the health of the employees is the most important aspect that needs to be monitored and taken care of from time to time. You need a system that is reliable enough to counter drug addiction and to address it once and for all.

Therefore, we have devised a list that will help you understand and identity signs quickly to spot a drug addict at the workplace environment.

Signs of a drug addict you need to keep an eye out for in the office

Before we get on with the signs, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You need to be a medical professional to fully be able to diagnose an employee for drug addiction. Only a few patterns can be identified through this list which can be enough to spot a drug addict. There also can be a real possibility that the employee might be facing some other kind of a medical condition. Therefore, you must devise a plan that is proper and precise before you go on and address the employees suffering from the alleged drug addiction. Hence, by keeping all of that in the back of your mind, we can move to the signs.

Signs of marijuana use

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Marijuana is the most commonly used drug around the globe. It is even legal in various countries as well despite having proven harmful effects. Some doctors even use marijuana in treatment programs. It is quite easy to get a hand on marijuana. Commonly, marijuana is called weed.

Marijuana operates basically through the ingredient known as “THC” which works similarly to eating food or having sex. This is something that can trigger the release of immense amount of dopamine, which can make the user of marijuana feel like they are in a state of euphoria.

People who use marijuana have the following signs that you can look out for to identify if they are drug addicts:

  • You will see that the user of marijuana will have red eyes.
  • The heart rate of the user will be increased immensely.
  • There will be poor to no hand-eye coordination as well as muscle coordination will be quite poor.
  • The user will have reactions times that would be considerably delayed or slowed.
  • The appetite of the user increases a lot due to the consumption of marijuana.
  • Being bipolar or showing bipolar behavior.
  • The user of the drug feels incredibly sleepy as well.
  • The user can find difficulty in trying to know the time and date.
  • Being secretive is what drug users also do, because they do not want anyone to know about their drug addiction due to embarrassment.
  • The user cannot focus properly on even one task at a time.

Signs of alcohol addiction

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Alcohol, similar to marijuana is a substance that alters the mood of the user. It is quite common for people to enjoy a small glass of alcohol in the form of wine or champagne after a long day of work. But there can be times when the attraction to this drink can go out of hand. Some workers have reported in office of the fact that they have gone to work completely intoxicated while some have confessed that they have been drinking in their workplace area.

Here are the signs that you need to look out for when it comes to alcohol addiction:

  • The eyes of the user can be of bloodshot or crimson colors with red wrinkles.
  • The user will always have an unhygienic and untidy appearance.
  • The user will be smelling of alcohol on their skin as well as in their breath.
  • Alcohol drinkers might be sleepy while working.
  • They may be quite tired and sluggish—all in all they will procrastinate a lot.
  • The users might experience tremors.
  • The user might also have extreme mood swings.
  • The user might also have behavior that would be considered aggressive or irrational.
  • They also might be coming to work late or they might be skipping their workdays altogether.

Signs of cocaine addiction

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Cocaine can also pose a great health risk, especially if it is used for a long time. Cocaine users experience extreme levels of happiness due to a supercharge of dopamine in the brain which also comes with extreme agitation and depression afterwards. People who are consistently taking cocaine have to keep on taking cocaine to feel the effects of dopamine to the point where their body stops relying on its natural production of dopamine and rather relies on dopamine produced through cocaine.

Here are the signs that you need to look out for when it comes to cocaine addiction.

  • The user of the drug will have pupils that will be dilated for long periods.
  • They will have a runny nose.
  • Smoking excessive cocaine will give them darkened and burned lips along with their fingers as well.
  • The users will also feel nervousness.
  • They will be quite talkative and hyperactive.
  • They will be quite restless as well.
  • Irritation will become a part of their personality.
  • Having anxiety attacks and being anxious all the time is another sign to look for.
  • The users of alcohol might also showcase extreme aggressiveness at odd times or over odd topics and situations.
  • The users of the drug might have an increase in ego.
  • Paranoid behavior also takes root in their personality.

All in all, …

These are the three dominant substances that are being abused in offices and workplace environments around the globe. It is important to look after the employees who might be taking part in these substances and may as well be abusing them. The consequence of letting such people run amok can be disastrous for the individual who is taking such substances as well as the company and organization they are working for. Therefore, this needs to be rectified and a proper channel for treatment of such addiction should be taken. If you want to take such a huge step for yourself or someone else, then click on the following link: