Shopping for an Award Plaque? Here’s How to Pick One (in 3 Steps)!

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Award plaques are a multi-purpose item. They’re used for décor. They can add elegance to any room, and they make for good stature displays. Also, they’re a way to protect the most important of our life achievements.

They’re excellent items if you have any “documented achievements” worth storing. So you’ve got to pick one carefully. Today, we’ll help you with that. We have a 3-Step Guide” on picking an award plaque. Follow it, and start shopping!

1 – Find a Shop With Multiple Models

You want a plethora of options. And by that, we mean hundreds of award plaques to pick from, you should visit Award website. A good store gives you many samples, letting you compare to your heart’s content!

Keep it Online

You can always shop offline if you like. But for the “research”, we recommend keeping your efforts online. Why? Because good plaques are expensive. They’ll cost you upwards of $30, with many pushing the $90 range!

So your pick has to be right the first time. You can’t afford to keep swapping out plaques non-stop!

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2 – Don’t Forget: Colors Matter.

They matter, specifically when matching your plaque to the rest of your room


Maybe you have an office with antique wood furniture. And you want an award plaque that matches what you own. Here, you need to pick a plaque with a “wooden” look to it. And preferably, its shade should match the rest of your furniture! Make it darker, if that’s what complements your room. Or, keep it lighter if that works best!

Another Example

Maybe you want an award plaque for your bedroom – and your bedroom is a little modernized. You might be placing a sports or tournament award in that plaque. Here, more metallic plaque works best. Metallic colors like black and silver make for good bedroom plaque display. They’ll fit in with the rest of your items, while still attracting attention!

Color In-Depth

Good plaques don’t just provide basic colors. They also provide multiple derivatives to mimic an organic look. For example, a “wood frame” plaque can come as mahogany, rosewood, walnut, and cherry wood.

Or, you can opt for a stone frame. And that can be marble or sandstone. Basically, different designs exist. And if you feel overwhelmed by the options, you can always consult an aesthetician to help you!

3 – Pick a Plaque Type

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Plaques aren’t just standard portraits. They come in many shapes and forms. For example, you can get one that looks like a tower. This is more suited for smaller awards (specifically as desk nameplates).

You also have keyboard plaques. You can use those for awards that list multiple names (like team achievements). Or how about disk plaques? This is a more unique style, and it’s quite elegant. You can hang it on a desk or door for identification!

Many Designs to Choose From

Your design options are endless, and this depends on the store you’re shopping at. You can even find variations for the previous types we mentioned!

For example, a tower plaque can have different shapes. It can have a basic look or a “more jagged” finish on top. As for disks, you can have different finishes. You can have a nice “metallic finish” at the edges. Or, you can have a basic look with the edges cut sharp!

Take Your Time to Shop

Buying a plaque isn’t something you do often. So you need to be careful with the choices you make. Take the time to explore your options before settling on a choice!