Shade Your Deck – The Best Awnings on the Market 2021

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There’s nothing quite as rewarding as hosting a barbecue on your deck with friends and family all around. Especially as the summer months come around and the weather begins to warm up, spending time outdoors becomes almost mandatory. But what do you do when the sun is simply too much? If your back deck is in the perfect spot for the sun to ruin your fun, getting an awning might be your best option.

Deciding that your deck needs an awning is the easy part – now you have to find out which type of awning best suits your needs. Awnings come in many different types and choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult. Luckily, you’re not alone in the decision-making process. Websites are available that offer you in-depth knowledge about the industry’s top awning companies.

Having a retractable or stationary awning can save you the hassle of blinding you and your guests during your backyard barbecue. Choosing the right awning for your porch or deck can keep your space usable at any time during the day. With the right awning, you won’t have to worry about too much sun or even rain. Finding the right awning is made easy with websites like

What to know before considering an awning

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This part of the retractable awning hunt is up to you – knowing which awning best fits your space and your needs. More permanent models of awnings might require a permit based on their size or location however they offer year-round shade and protection from the sun. Not having to worry about storing the product when not in use is an added benefit. Other, less permanent, models are typically what you’d find offering shade to a deck or porch – retractable awnings or umbrellas.

The material of which your awning is constructed should be considered before purchasing as well. Some fabrics which are used for your awning provide much better protection from the elements. You might live in an area that is susceptible to heavy rain or snow – having an unprotected wood or metal awning might not be a good idea. Find out what materials are compromised by the elements in your area and avoid using those fabrics.

Types of retractable awnings

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Three main categories of awnings dominate the market. If you’re looking to get an awning for your deck, it’s likely that you will purchase one of these three categories.

Retractable – These awnings are able to be brought in and out of storage, either by mechanical means or manual retraction. The storage in which these awnings rest is typically the base at which they can extend to cover the deck. These are usually made out of a bendable fabric or a polycarbonate. Typically, attached to the building.

Stationary – Another type of awning that is usually attached to the building, the stationary awning is nearly the exact same model as the retractable, but it doesn’t have the ability to retract or extend. Where it is placed is where it will stay. These awnings are usually made of fabric but can be made of metal or wood as they do not bend or fold.

Freestanding – These awnings are not attached to a building. They offer a more movable option to decks and patios as they typically have their own base. Freestanding models can include Gazebos or individual structures that are permanent. These awnings do not need to be portable and are often not.

How to find the awning for you

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The first step to finding your retractable awning is to know what you’re looking for. Understand what type of awning will provide your deck with the necessary shade and how permanent you want it to be. If you want something that is able to be stored away and used only for the summer months, then perhaps a gazebo is not the direction you’ll want to consider.

Once you know what you’re looking for, find the companies that offer that type of awning. Read reviews of these companies and their products – the best way to understand what you’re buying is by listening to people who have already bought it. If there’s an issue, they’re the ones who can tell you about them.

Some of the best awning companies available

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Here are some of the best and most trustworthy awning companies available today. Their quality is attested by their reviews, and customers who have hired them cannot get enough of them. Their products are sturdy and reliable, keeping your deck shaded and protected all throughout the summer.

  1. – Family owned and friendly service offers much to the customer with this company. Their products are of the best quality and provide you with the proper shade coverage that you will need.
  2. Shadetree Awnings – Shadetree focuses on the shade aspect of coverage. These are best for the summer months when you want to use your deck, but the sun is too much. If you live in a rainy area, these awnings might not be the greatest for your needs.
  3. Sunesta – This company has the experience to back up their products. They were founded in 1981 and have been industry leaders ever since. Their products echo their experience and customers who purchase from them are pleased with the final products.
  4. Aristocrat Awnings – These shade focused canopies offer you the protection from the sun that you need as the summer days begin to stretch. Another company with experience in the game, Aristocrat Awnings will provide the product they promise.

If you’re looking for the right company to trust with your deck and to provide you the shade you need to prepare for the summer sun, do your research first. Plenty of companies claim that their product is the best and surpasses all other competitors – this plethora of quality claims can be confusing. Know your deck and your needs before you commit to an awning. Finding the right awning for you will make your summer memorable.