Selma Blair Makes A Quick Trip To The Store Despite Being In “High Risk” Group

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Selma Blair made a quick run to the grocery store alongside her boyfriend Ron Carlson. The actress was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2018 and is considered a “high risk” group that is especially vulnerable to coronavirus.

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Blair kept it casual and took precautions by wearing a mask during her trip to the store.

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The actress is self-isolating in her Los Angeles home in wake of the potentially deadly coronavirus pandemic.

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The “Cruel Intentions” star only recently rekindled her relationship with Ron, after splitting from boyfriend David Lyons in late December. “Sometimes, when you are ready, you may find that person again. Unexpectedly, loving them in ways you couldn’t before. I have had really good people in my life” Blair said about her relationship with Carlson.

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Despite her condition, Selma had a busy 2019 starring in the film “After”, the Netflix TV show “Another Earth” and Netflix’s “Lost in Space”.



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