How to Get Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Unlocked in 2024

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Unlocking any phone nowadays is simpler than you can ever imagine. The initial difficult procedure of going through your cell provider is only but an option nowadays. There’s an alternative to it, which we will show you. This gives you the freedom to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 on your terms.

There’s no need for you to seem like you’re begging your cell provider to unlock the device for you. Normally, you have to meet certain criteria for eligibility if you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 phones, or any other per se. And most of these conditions are difficult to meet for many phone users. So, why stress when you can get an alternative that works perfectly. All the same, let’s just look at both methods you can use to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7.

Contact the Cell Provider to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7

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Well, this is the first weapon you have in your arsenal when you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. But the challenge is in the conditions. And this is perhaps the reason many people loathe the idea of seeking help from their cell providers.

To be honest, they try to make the process as stringent and frustrating as possible for the consumer for obvious reasons. They don’t want you to make the switch to another cell provider. In fact, the primary reason for them to implement the lock on your phone is for marketing. So, you can almost rest assured that the process they’ll give you to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 will be lengthy. For instance, here are some of the eligibility requirements per network provider:


It is one of the most frustrating service providers you can work with when you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7, or any other phone. Sprint removes the standard unlocking mechanism that phones have, which makes it a necessity for you to unlock through their systems.

While you can purchase the unlock codes from third-party services, you might have difficulty using the codes, states Here are some of their eligibility requirements, so that they can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7:

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  • The device shouldn’t be reported lost or stolen.
  • It shouldn’t have any fraudulent activities.
  • Your phone is capable of unlocking domestic or international mode.
  • You have paid the device’s payment plan in full.
  • A completed contract.
  • Account to the phone has to be in good standing.
  • Phone must have an activity period of at least 50 days on the network.


The next service provider that we’ll look at in terms of unlocking eligibility is AT&T. Here are some of their eligibility requirements:

Your device shouldn’t be associated with any fraudulent activities in the recent past.
Shouldn’t have a lost or stolen report on its name.
The installment plans should be ready and you must complete early termination fees in full.
An account should be fully active on AT&T.


This must be the simplest one to unlock from. When you purchase a Verizon device, you can simply change the sim card at your own time and choice. You don’t even have to worry about getting a site to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. Once you insert another sim card, you’ll receive an alert that you’re using a non-Verizon sim card. And that’s how convenient and easy the process is.


If you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 using T-Mobile, you’ll need to get the app. T-Mobile has a dedicated app that unlocks the phone when you want to use it with another sim card.

The app has a user-friendly unlocking experience that you can take advantage of. However, just because it’s simple to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 on T-Mobile doesn’t mean that you won’t be required to meet certain demands. Here are their eligibility criteria:

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  • The device shouldn’t be lost or stolen.
  • Your phone shouldn’t be blocked by T-Mobile.
  • You must have paid for the device in totality.
  • The phone must have had an activity of about 40 days on the T-Mobile network.
  • An account that the device is using needs to be in perfect standing. In case you cancel the account, the balance has to be zero. This should include all of the pending charges available.

As you can see, those are some of the factors that you need to meet so that you can unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 using different cell providers. But there’s one other alternative that you can use. And here it is:

Using a Paid Third-Party Website to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7

This, of course, is another way you can use to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s simpler and faster to use. Besides, it doesn’t need you to meet any eligibility criteria. All you have to do is to provide the IMEI number and they’ll send you the unlock code through email. You can then use the code to unlock your device.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are pretty many different factors that you have to consider when you’re unlocking your phone through a cell provider. But if you find that process too difficult, then simply opt for a third-party website to unlock Samsung Galaxy S7.