How Much Money Can You Make Per Day With Rosin Extraction?


If you’re a company that already dabbles in extracting other oils to produce a product that is readily consumers by buyers (ummm hello CBD oil anyone?) then you may want to consider using some of that same machinery to press rosin.

Even if you don’t already have the extraction machinery that is used with producing CBD oils, you can get started in the rosin press business rather quickly and for a rather low cost.

What’s The Average Cost Of Pressing Rosin?

To get started with pressing rosin, you’ll need to purchase filter bags, parchment paper, a rosin press and some kind of pump. These expenses are not open to a lot of variables, but the cost of the Rosen itself will be both your largest and your highest fluctuating cost that is associated with your production. Even if you are the grower of your own rosin, you’ll need to know what the full sale price of the flower is for you to be able to fully calculate your return on investment. The amount of money that you’ll be able to make will also depend on if you’re selling directly to customers or not. This can also be a complicated variable depending on how consistent your customers are in the amounts of rosin that they’re ordering.

Your time will be the other main expense that is associated with pressing rosin. Since there isn’t an easy way to assign what “individual time” is worth, this is one of the most easily overlooked parts of rosin production. While pressing rosin isn’t an overly complicated process, the quality of the final product will be directly reliant on the people who are pressing the rosin, so you’ll want to hire people who have a willingness to learn and a high attentiveness for the product they’re creating.

Here is the breakdown for a couple of the expenses discussed above. Keep in mind that all of these can vary slightly based on where your business is located:

  • Bags ($2 per item)
  • Parchment paper ($0.50 per item)
  • Flower or trim ($200-1,300 per pound)
  • Staff ($20 per hour per employee)

Use A Rosin Yield Calculator To Determine What Your Earnings Will Be

Unfortunately the answer to the amount of money you can make while pressing rosin isn’t a simple one as there are a lot of variables at play that can adjust your overall earnings.

However, the general amount of money you’ll make breaks down into the equation below:

Revenue per hour- cost of goods sold per hour= profit per hour

Let’s put real numbers into this equation so the rosin yield calculator can demonstrate how the costs associated with this will play out.

The Rosin Yield Calculator At Work


Begin your equation with five pounds of flower. We’ll assume that you have a decent supplier of flower and it’ll be testing at 22% THC. This would put your flower at a value of $1,000 per pound. So, you have $5,000 worth of flower total.

As the rosin goes through the press, you’re able to get most of the oils out (approximately 19% yield by weight.) This would give you almost 500 grams of rosin.

Let’s approximate that the rosin is selling for $20 per gram. Therefore your 500 grams of rosin is worth $10,000.

So far your cost has been $5,000 of flower to get the $10,000 worth of rosin. Now you need to factor in the cost of your employees and supplies.

You’ll need at least two employees to be working on the amount of rosin at hand, so for an eight hour work day you’ll be paying both of them $160 a day (or $320 altogether).

The supplies of bags and parchment will cost about $20 per hour for the amount of rosin that is being pressed in this scenario, so you’ll be spending $160 for the day on supplies.

So let’s break this down approximately:

  • $10,000 in revenue from the rosin
  • $5,000- price of the five pounds of flower
  • $480- for the supplies and staff for the eight hour work day
  • $4,520 in profit a day

Most people who make a consistent amount of rosin and have a steady buyer find that they can make back their return on investment in a little over a week (since one of the biggest upfront costs is buying the rosin press) Some companies like Delta Separations will help you determine the exact cost for the amount of rosin you’ll be producing based on your area.

Bonus Tip: Benefits of Using Rosin Extraction Technology

After we calculated everything important associated with rosin extraction earnings, there is one thing we would like to add. Some people are not quite sure why the usage of rosin extraction technology is a good thing for them. Fortunately, you came to the right place to hear all the benefits you can get.

Safety and Effectiveness


You probably know how dangerous it can be to produce the solvent-based extracts. Things are safer and easier when we talk about rosin extraction. These procedures do not include any volatile materials. They won’t cause a deadly explosion that can hurt all the workers in the company. Despite that, it is much easier to get the permissions that will allow you to start your business. The solvent-based extractions, on the other hand, require a volatile substance that is illegal in many states. You should not expose yourself to such a risk.

Big Demand for Rosin Products

It would be enough to talk about people around you and see the demand for rosin products. In the last couple of years, cannabis extract became popular because of the quality they offer. You will manage to find many people that are willing to use cannabis products for medical purposes. Despite that, many governments invested a lot of effort to educate people. These products were a taboo subject for a long period. Fortunately, the mentality of people has changed and the demand for rosin products increased. That is a perspective opportunity for every person that wants to start a business in this field.



The rosin press has the potential to bring a big number of products to the market. However, that depends a lot on the way how people produce it. Many factors will directly influence the quality of the products. For instance, the pressure applied during extraction and the degree of the heat are the two most important ones. Despite that, it is crucial to pick the right materials you will use during the production process.

We can use hash oil as an example. The hash oil can vary from glass-like solventless shatter to snappy consistency. Despite that, the flavor profile and color can also be different. Because of that, you should carefully analyze which production method is the best one.


You do not have to be a genius to realize how to use rosin extraction technology. Extracting oil from cannabis materials is going to be a piece of cake for most of the beginners. Logically, you should know that you will manage to find different types of presses on the market. There are the manual presses that are usually small portable. On the other hand, businesses should use electric or hydraulic presses for higher output. The good thing about them is that they are all automated. The different types of power forms will allow you to use them for greater efficiency.