Most Romantic Date Night Ideas in 2024

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Is your relationship in need of some rekindling? Spark things up with these romantic date night ideas.

1. Get Giggling

Nothing breathes life into a relationship like lots of laughter. If you and your partner aren’t the funny types, get your chuckles by attending a comedy show. Laughing non-stop for a couple of hours will bring you closer and give you something to talk about. And if what they say about laughter being an aphrodisiac is true, it could put you both in the mood for some loving when you get home.

2. Karaoke

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If you have never been to a karaoke bar, now is the time to try one. If you and your lover are competitive, grab the mic and find out who’s the better singer. Better yet, enjoy a duet of your favorite song.

What if you aren’t singing types?

Grab some drinks and get seats with a good view of the stage. From there, imitate Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell by smugly critiquing performances.

3. Massage Date

If intimacy has been lacking in your relationship, a couple’s massage is a sexy way to break the ice. Aside from exploring each other’s bodies, it will build anticipation for getting naughty afterward.

Are you clueless about how to give a massage?

Start your date night with a private couple’s massage class. Be sure to ask the masseuse for pointers on how to ease tension and stimulate your partner with your touch. After the class, practice your new tricks at home. If you both get carried away halfway into the massage and end up frolicking instead, we won’t judge.

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4. A Cooking Experiment

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Pick a night to practice cooking a tasty new recipe with your partner. Working together on an unfamiliar dish will give you time to chat and bond.

If the recipe is not a success, that’s okay. You can always order take out. The important thing is you get to do something special together.

5. Go on a Blind Date

Dating for months or years doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the excitement of a blind date. The key to making it work is surprise. Tell your partner what to wear and to meet you at a neutral location. When you meet, surprise him with tickets to see a game or show. Alternatively, go big with surprise travel tickets for a romantic getaway.

But remember, for the blind date to work, it must incorporate something your partner likes. For example, it could be a date to an event or activity he always mentions.

6. Take a Ride

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Have you and your partner been spending too much time indoors? Do something thrilling like renting a sports car and taking a long drive on a clear day. For a full experience, take turns driving the supercar. When it’s late, find a private spot to park and enjoy the stars together. Who knows? That spot could end up becoming your secret make-out cove.

7. Go Sailing

If roads are too restrictive, rent a sailboat and go cruising. It’s ideal for some alone time away from all interruptions. With the sweet sea breeze, beautiful clear skies, and the boat’s gentle rocking, it won’t be hard to get into a romantic mood.

Those who can’t sail can explore the alternative of joining a cruise. It’s not as intimate as being alone on a boat, but you’ll still get to enjoy a romantic date on a vessel.

8. Go Hiking and Camping

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If you or your spouse dread open water, consider taking your romance into the wild. Take a hike or a bike ride into the mountains to explore nature. You can extend your stay outdoors by camping. You might not think it, but a campfire for two and snuggling within a tent can be very romantic.

For those who are skeptical about the comfort and safety of tents, rent an RV, and go glamping. After your day exploring the outdoors, retreat into the motor home’s privacy and comfort to explore one another.

9. Day-Date

Whether or not you are new to your city, it will have things you are yet to experience. Find a day to experience those things with your partner. For example, visit that flea market or street carnival you’ve heard so much about. Food and drinks are typically plentiful at such events. Don’t hesitate to make other attendees jealous with your PDA.

If it’s not the time of year for flea markets and festivals, check out your city’s tourist spots, including restaurants and landmarks. Alternatively, go on a food and wine tasting tour. While indulging your taste buds, don’t forget to take pictures to capture the moment.

10. Recreate Your First Date

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A first date is memorable for several reasons – the tummy butterflies and perhaps the first kiss afterward. Try to recapture that moment by recreating your first date, including the venue, food, outfit, and anything else you can recollect. Regardless of the years you have spent together, reliving that first date will tickle both of you and fuel old flames.

11. Go Dirty Dancing

While waltzing or doing the Polka Ten Step have their charms, nothing beats getting sweaty and naughty on the dance floor. Head to an upbeat club to bump and grind until you and your lover become hot and bothered. From there, it’s a one-way trip home to finish what you started in the club. Engage in some heavy petting in the car to make sure the embers don’t cool off before you get home.

Which of our romantic date night ideas are you going to try first?

Whichever you choose, make sure it’s something you and your date will both enjoy. You can also try many of the above date night ideas for a first date. For example, going dancing, taking a ride, or going on a day date are great ways to get to know your new romantic partner.