Could Roger Federer Win A 21st Grand Slam in 2024

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When we talk about tennis, it is very difficult to say who is the best player in the world. Some claim that it is Roger Federer, while others prefer Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic. In any case, we will agree that these are three fantastic players whose tournaments the whole world is happy to follow. If we talk about the Grand Slam tournament, we can say that Djokovic has 17 wins, while Nadal and Federer are equal and have 20. The big question is, will Federer manage to win the 21st Grand Slam?

Many are skeptical about this issue because of Federer’s age. Namely, while he is 39 years old, his biggest opponents are 5-6 years younger than him, and in the world of tennis, the years affect the quality of the game and the physical readiness of the players, although that, of course, is not the rule.

We also know that Federer has had two operations on his right knee so far and according to many, his sports career could end in 2024, although he announced that he will participate in the ATP Tour at the beginning of next season.

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What experienced tennis fans claim is that Novak Djokovic is currently Federer’s most serious opponent. Why is Djokovic given an advantage over Nadal? Rafael Nadal is thought to have been playing for years with a style that has pretty much worn out his body.

The great Swiss have already talked about retirement several times. The years have come for him, with 39 on his back it’s not even close to that Roger from a few years ago. And we’re not just talking about fitness, a lot has changed in his thinking.

The Swiss recently admitted that it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to leave his family to train and travel to tournaments and that the moment is approaching when it will no longer suit him. Then he will say, ‘Enough’. And retreat as the greatest. Because it’s the biggest, it has 20 Grand Slam titles, and no one has that.

Like no one even has eight titles at Wimbledon. No one has even five titles in a row at the US Open. It all has Roger Federer who, after his last Wimbledon trip this year, could say it’s over.

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Federer, who is almost 39 years old, unlike Djokovic, has much less chance of repairing that score, so it is to be expected that the Serbian tennis player will soon overtake him and Verdasco and take second place, although only next season because it is important on the ground. this year over.

The question is whether Roger will find himself able to play on the ground at all. However, looking at the difference in his career, we can say that Djokovic achieved more victories than the Swiss in a shorter period of his career, so he is better. But let’s not forget, Federer has not played for the country for two years, and he has skipped some tournaments before, especially Monte Carlo. But Federer took one Roland Garros and six masters1000 tournaments on the ground out of a total of 28 won.

Four of them in the era of Rafael Nadal, who took his first Roland Garros in 2005, and since that year, Roger has taken four of the six earth masters, with the fourth coming on blue earth in Madrid. In total, Federer has 11 and Djokovic 14 titles on the ground. Djokovic took one Roland Garros and nine masters. On you can read more about this topic.

We have witnessed the announcement by Roger Federer that he will return to tennis in early 2024 at the Australian Open.

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That’s why Roger Federer’s return to Australia early next year will be put under the magnifying glass. The question of all questions is whether the great Swiss, who has won so much and 20 Grand Slam tournaments, can remain at least in some tournaments equally effective in the year in which he will celebrate his 40th birthday.

Federer will turn 40 on August 8, 2024, and enter the special athlete zone.

We don’t know what a more serious tennis follower could or should say about Roger Federer’s announcement that tennis is still in him and that he still has high competitive ambitions, but it’s easy to understand.

Roger Federer was always in the category of the biggest competitors, he showed it day by day. To repeat the story that he never gave up the match he started is – I would almost say – pointless because that is something that many people know.

But how big or – in fact even better – what will be the power of Roger Federer the moment he returns to the field. With careful selection, he knew every time he had to go for a procedure, and what may have helped him this year is the fact that the tennis season has been almost concreted due to the coronavirus epidemic, although the second Grand Slam tournament has been played lately.

The second part of the first question, when we talk about the greats in their forties, is certainly how willing they are to accept what could become his or their certainty.

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All in all, it remains to be seen what the next season will bring, because the new situation with the coronavirus pandemic is very much affecting sports events, and for that very reason many have been canceled or prolonged. For now, we can say that the tournaments have not been played since March, and the big question is whether the ATP and WTA Tour will continue this year.

The Swiss is currently the fourth tennis player in the ATP rankings, and with this announcement he only confirmed his doubts that he will certainly not compete again during this 2024, if the Tour continues at all. Recall, Federer played only one official tournament this year – it was the first Grand Slam of the season, the Australian Open, where he was eliminated in the semifinals by Novak Djokovic.