Rodrigo Alves AKA Jessica Wants To Adopt A Child

Image source: Univision

Rodrigo Alves, who recently come out as a transgender woman, now hopes to become a mother one day. Actually, he used to be Rodrigo “Real-life Ken”, after which he became “Real-life Barbie” and is now called Jessica.

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To achieve “Ken Look” she spent $650,000, and then another $100,000 to change into a woman because “he always felt like a Barbie”. “No matter how much I looked like Ken nothing eased the pain of being Barbie inside”, Jessica said.

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When asked about her plans for the future Jessica said: “I’ve only had two short relationships in my life and I’m desperate to find a partner. Once I find love, I’d like to adopt and have a big family”.

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Her transformation began in puberty when she developed “man boobs” and wanted desperately to remove them by plastic surgery. Her parents paid for it and thus her journey ensued. Jessica she will be completing her transition with gender realignment surgery next year.