The Rise Of e-Soccer Betting – 6 Things you Need to Know


After the difficult times we had behind us, with the Corona Virus and all, we had some issues when it came with sports, among all other problems. As you all know we had worldwide lockdowns and suspension of all group activities to save the health of ours and everyone around us. What does that mean and what does it yield out?!

Well the lockdowns meant no more going out, not hanging around and no sports of any kind. Our entire lives shifted to an online platform in months and it became our new reality for two years. Not to get me wrong it wasn’t all that bad, we did manage to find ourselves some activities to keep us occupied until we returned to normal.

As you already know, this period of two years brought a boom to the gambling industry, primarily the casino empires where we gambled more than ever and all of our gambling happened online. As for those that like to bet online on sports, well, we had some issues. Since the global lockdown suspended all activities, sports were suspended as well. What was left for us, that like sports betting but don’t have something to bet on? Well, e-sports of course.

E-Sports is not a new thing and we all had it until now, but it somehow always meant gaming. We had e-sports events in FPS games, MMORPG games in Formula 1 but football, but not so much. I mean it was played as a part of e-sports, but betting on it wasn’t that popular.

With Covid and all, it quickly rose to the task of replacing our favourite pastime, soccer, and we shifted toward e-soccer betting more and more. It quickly became fun, unpredictable and contagious. But there are still things to learn and understand. Some of them we will share with you here, just like the information you can get if you visit here.

1. It is a virtual game after all


One key difference between regular soccer and e-soccer is that the other one is a pure simulation. In both instances, we have certain variables that impact bookmakers and the general outcome. Based on those variables we all get our odds and based on them we need to make a bet. Now in regular soccer, we can somewhat easily calculate our chances and make an educated bet, in e-soccer this is a bit difficult because the simulation can go either way. This is one of the key things you need to know and remember.

To most of you, it will be rather hard to predict the outcome of the game on virtual soccer and most of your bets will not fly. Another thing you need to know is that these e-soccer games are a lot shorter than regular ones. When it comes to soccer on the pitch you have 90+ minutes while the e-soccer ends everything in 8 to 10 minutes depending on the game and game type. These will be your greatest obstacle and bookie’s greatest advantage. You need some practice with this, you need to do your calculations and you need a lot of luck.

2. Finding a place to bet

Now, since we have established that this is nothing like a real soccer game you have to know that finding a place to make these kinds of bets isn’t going to be easy. To be perfectly honest it was more difficult before Covid pandemic but now it still is just a little less.

There were a handful of bookies and online places that were willing to add e-sports and e-soccer into their offers which meant you had to jump through some hoops to make a bet. Now it is somewhat easier since a lot more online gambling sites added these as their regular betting offers, so you shouldn’t have any issues making your bets. Just make sure that they are good.

3. Know your e-soccer leagues


Depending on the bookie, or the online site you are betting on, several “leagues” will be available. Before making your bets just like that you will need to do some reading and analysing.

Just imagine that this is your first-time betting at a soccer game, you have jumped in, don’t know anything and you need info. Find the best teams, analyse previous games, see what I happening and then make an educated bet.

4. Treat this as a new sport

The key here, and it ties nicely with the previous point, is to treat this like it is a brand-new sport. Learn everything, get the grasp of essentials. Analyse teams, players, and older games and look at what is upcoming if it is available. Based on that you will be able to make a prediction that might yield you some money back.

5. Find a secure place for your bets


Just like in anything online, you need to find a secure place for your betting and information. Since this is all done on the web, you need a reputable gambling/betting site or a bookie that will guarantee you that your winning will be yours, that the games aren’t rigged in any way and that there will be no issues with your personal and bank information. These are all the normal precautions you always need to take when you are on the internet and when your money and your life are stored somewhere.

6. Play smart

Never forget what we mentioned in the beginning, this is a simulation based on parameters and this is always prone to changes. The shorter the games the more random the results are. Keep in mind this when you are placing your bets and never go big. Here you have two routes – win fast or lose even faster. Be safe, bet smart and you should not have any issues.


We want to say that although most of you do not use your chance to wager on e-soccer, you should try. It is a lot of fun especially when you know that in any game anything is possible. It is a lot faster and it will allow you, with a proper strategy, to earn more and faster than through betting on a game of regular soccer. Be safe, and gamble responsibly.