4 Reasons Why Rhinoplasty Surgery Is Worth The Money in 2023

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The most important part of the face is the nose – which affects the harmony and position of the eyes and lips. Many people are not happy with the look of their nose – so they opt for a change. Truth be told, this intervention costs a lot. However, most people who have dared to go “under the knife,” say it pays off. So let’s take a look at 4 reasons why rhinoplasty surgery is worth the money.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

One of the most demanding procedures in the neck and head plastic surgery – is nose surgery or rhinoplasty. Different methods are used for it, which are used differently depending on the patient’s wishes or the health problems that the patient is going through.

The goal of rhinoplasty is aesthetic correctness – but also good functionality of the nose with normal breathing. Although most nose surgeries are performed for health reasons, it is possible to seek a change for aesthetic reasons. Interestingly, the nose is now viewed in proportion to other parts of the face – rather than as a stand-alone organ on the face.

Problems that can be successfully solved with nose surgery are:

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  • the hump on the nose
  • crooked nose
  • too long nose
  • too short nose
  • wide nasal pyramid
  • irregular tip of the nose
  • nose too wide
  • too narrow nose
  • asymmetrical or too wide nostrils

What Can We Achieve With Rhinoplasty?

This type of operation is very complex – and it can change your facial structure. However, it is not recommended to make radical changes – in order not to weaken the support of the nose. Still, we should keep in mind that the firmness and thickness of the skin, and the soft tissue cover – have a great effect.

According to www.clinicmono.com, before the operation, it is important to talk to doctors. They should review and create an individual plan for the operation. Anyone who is looking to improve their appearance and is physically healthy – can be a candidate for rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery can also be performed if you are dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of the nose. For example, its size, or shape. Also, congenital malformations or deformities of the nose can be treated this way.

Is It Worth Of Money And Why?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed plastic surgeries. There’s almost no Hollywood star who hasn’t narrowed their nose at least a little bit – and those more obvious changes are often mentioned under the pretext that it’s a septal deviation. However, some admitted that the change in the appearance of their noses helped their careers. So is rhinoplasty really worth it? The answer is YES. Here are some obvious reasons for this.

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1. Aesthetic reasons

The most common reason for nose surgery is dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose. The nose is located in the center of the face and, if overemphasized – distracts attention from other facial features. Bumps on the nose, asymmetry, a lowered tip of the nose, or a wide nose – are some of the characteristics that make people decide to have cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty can fix all this – and thus greatly affect the appearance and harmony of the face.

2. Nose functionality

Breathing difficulties are another reason why people decide to have nose surgery. Whether it is a congenital problem, a problem that has arisen over the years, etc. – surgery can correct the nose and facilitate breathing. Septal deviation is one of the most common problems. The septum is a thin wall between the nostrils – built of cartilage and bone. Ideally, it passes through the vertical center of the nose – and divides the nostrils evenly.

However, in some people, the septum may be distorted or placed asymmetrically. This is called a septal deviation. Minor deviations often go unnoticed. However, more severe deviations of the septum can cause several other symptoms such as nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, frequent sneezing, headaches, severe snoring, frequent sinusitis, etc. Septoplasty is the most common way to correct nasal septal dislocation.

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3. Nose correction after injury

Breathing difficulties can also occur after a nose injury. In addition to difficulty with breathing – the nose can also change physically after an injury. The complexity of the operation depends on how the nose is injured. Such interventions are especially common in athletes who engage in contact sports.

4. Repair after the previous rhinoplasty

Some people opt for rhinoplasty because of dissatisfaction with their previous nose surgery. Either they are dissatisfied with the result or they want some more change – or there have been some complications after the previous operation. In any case, revision rhinoplasty is the most complex type of surgery.

Namely, the structures that were naturally present in the nose have been altered – and in some cases, some of these structures have been completely removed. A significant amount of scar tissue, resulting from the first rhinoplasty procedure- can also cause difficulties when performing the second rhinoplasty.

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Two Basic Techniques Of Rhinoplasty

There are two approaches in the operation – closed and open access. In the closed technique, there are no scars – while the open one is used primarily for the correction of the tip of the nose. The closed technique involves a surgical incision on the inside of the nose, specifically the nostrils – and after the operation, there are no visible scars on the outside of the skin.

This technique is mainly used for aesthetic reasons such as removing the hump from the nose, reducing the size of the nose – and correcting the nasal septum. In this case, recovery is fast, and the swelling disappears in a short time. Open nose surgery is performed with a small incision in the lower part of the nasal septum. The scar after the procedure is minimal. This technique enables a better overview of the cartilaginous structures of the nose. This is especially suitable for the complex correction of the tip of the nose.

It Is Necessary To Follow The Doctor’s Instructions

A pre-surgery consultation is required – so doctors can give you all the necessary information regarding the surgery. You will have to do some lab tests – and you’ll be recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and using dietary supplements before surgery. Also, the patient will receive information on how long recovery takes – and how to proceed after surgery. During the consultation, the patients will be asked to explain their desire and expectations in detail.