How to Recover Your Lost Files and Data From Various Scenarios – Guide 2024


We are all using our computers to save the documents we need, or the media we love. However, losing all your files is something that comes straight from a nightmare. For that reason, having a backup solution is always beneficial.

If you have accidentally removed something important, not everything is lost. No matter what operating system you use, your files can be recovered with a couple of backup methods.

In this article, we’ll explain how can your files be recovered, including various methods and situations. In addition, we will provide a couple of tips to prevent such situations in the future. Keep reading and find out more.

What happens when you remove a file


In every operating system, the deletion of items is managed in the same manner. When you go for the remove option, the files are transferred into the bin. That way, they can be easily accessed if you end up changing your mind.

If you have intentions to permanently get rid of a file, it is completely removed from the system. However, this does not mean they are completely gone. They are still present on the disc but are set to be overwritten with new information.

As soon as new data gets written over them, they are completely gone. For that reason, be sure not to use the computer until you find a way to gain your documents back.

Be sure the files are not in the bin

Before you start panicking, ensure that the files are not just transferred to the bin. If that is the case, you can bring them back with one simple click. However, if you have completely and permanently lost your documents, you should proceed to learn the ways you can get the lost file restored.

How can your documents be restored


There are various methods to address the loss of files. If one method does not work, go to the other until you get to the desired document and recover it.

1. Use the backup option

If you are cautious on time, you can easily get your documents back through the backup systems. For this option to work, your files must be a part of the backup process. This shows the importance of running a backup on your computer.

You can find the folder where the docs were previously saved, and go to history options. There, the items can be found and restored properly. You may have to change their names, however, that is an easy process that takes only a second.

2. Consider using a third-party program


If you need the most efficient and easiest way to get your documents back, consider using third-party programs. However, there are many options and you might be confused about which program is better.

For that reason, you should focus on a couple of things. Firstly, you should see whether the app can help in restoring the things lost in various scenarios. Maybe you lost them on your drive, your camera, or an SD card. In addition, a file could be lost during the formatting process, or by malware installed in the background.

The program has to be easy to use since not everyone is an expert on computers. By having clear instructions, you will surely get the things you have lost.

In addition, you need software like that can read various formats of files. For example, this software from handles all kinds of media including graphics, videos, emails, audios and more.

When it comes to financials, you should look for a tool that offers you a refund in case you are not able to do a recovery. Lastly, you need a program that has been already established. That way, you can see how satisfied its users are which can help in coming up with a decision.

3. Use the CMD

Sometimes, a malfunction of the drive is the problem that caused your data to be lost. By having trouble in finding certain folders, it does not mean they are completely gone. For that reason, you should consider using the CMD and try finding the documents with that method.

Open up the start and run the CMD as an administrator. You can find the command on the internet that will search for all partitions and folders to get the documents found. If the damage on the drive is too severe, it is better to use a third-party solution.

How to get your files restored from various scenarios


The things you saved can be gone through various mechanisms. As mentioned above, they can be lost during the formatting process, by malware, or in the process of transferring the files from one place to another. In addition, we all have data on other devices which must be recovered in some way.

1. Drives

If you have any documents that are removed from your drive, no matter whether that is an external or a basic USB stick, there are a couple of things to do. Firstly, see whether they have transferred to the bin of your computer. If not, go for the third-party programs.

2. Other devices

When it comes to other devices such as your phone, there are mobile apps that offer this service. You should first look for a possible backup, or if they have transferred to the bin in your computer. If not, feel free to use a program that lets you find the lost docs, and get restore them.

How to prevent loss of files in the future


You learned that your documents can be acquired back even after removing them from your disc. However, you need to be careful the next time and learn how to prevent data loss in the future.

Firstly, be sure that you are keeping a backup system that gets constantly updated. In addition, you should prevent moving files with the cut option. Instead, copy the file to prevent deleting it. In addition, be careful with drives that have malware to prevent loss of documents, and get an antivirus program.

Lastly, be careful when choosing a third-party program. If it is not reliable, you might not be able to restore the lost documents even after using a good program right after. For that reason, get fully informed before you proceed in getting the data recovery program.