8 Reasons to Learn Spanish in Madrid – 2024 Guide

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Learning a language is not an easy endeavor, but it enriches our lives with each additional language we learn. Since Latin times, there has been a proverb: “The more languages you know, the more people you are worth”. When learning a new language, you also discover the culture and tradition of the language itself.

Although a long & time-consuming process, the journey is more than worth it in the end! Moreover, one language that gains popularity among people, and is the second-most spoken language in the world is Spanish. You can learn it on your own or in a group, but the best thing you can do is learn it in Madrid – the town of people & renaissance! Keep on reading and understand these key reasons.

Top 8 reasons to learn Spanish in Madrid

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1. Choose your ideal accent and dialect

Madrid citizens speak one of the purest varieties of so-called Spanish Castilla. Their accent is considered as one of the cleanest & purest, yet it has several peculiarities. When you listen to the people speaking the language the way it is supposed to be spoken, you get the right input, thus making it more natural for you to acquire it.

2. Natural surrounding

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When you decide to learn any foreign language, the best task you can do is to visit its native country. There, you get a possibility to learn the language in its natural surroundings. Another essential thing is that you not only learn it “by the books”, but you also get an insight into colloquial language – catchphrases and slang which regularly cannot be found in the books. That’s the beauty of acquiring a language in its natural surroundings.

3. You will want to use & speak the language on a daily

Regularly, when you visit any foreign country, and you don’t speak the native language of that country, the first thing you ask its citizens is “Do you speak English?”. Well, forget about it! Even though most Spaniards speak English fluently, they would preferably speak their language instead. Consequently, whether you like it or not, you will be required (in a way) to speak Spanish. Even if your utterances might not be grammatically correct, you’ll be able to produce them, boosting and expanding your vocabulary and making language learning more engaging and appealing. T

4. You will learn a lot faster

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If you are just visiting or if you have just moved to Spain one thing is for certain – you will have to adapt & be quick & swift on your feet. Once you are in Madrid, you have to speak Spanish, whether you like/want it or not! You can’t skip a day without saying a word in Spanish like you can skip a class in school. Every day, you’ll hear a new word or a catchphrase from the locals, and your vocabulary will grow even faster than before! The best way to learn is to find yourself interacting with other people.

5. You will meet and enjoy its culture

Like in any other language, a lot of phrases are related to its culture and tradition. There are a lot of legends that are connected to a particular phrase and to comprehend them entirely, you are supposed to know a bit more about them. When citizens of Madrid notice that you are interested in learning more about it, they will most likely assist you, making language learning even more easygoing + fun.

6. Other people come to Madrid to learn Spanish as well

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Learning a language on your own can be challenging, but that won’t be the case if you come to Madrid. More than 100,000 people come here to learn Spanish, and you can make friends with some of them – learning is easier when you know that someone else is going through the same struggles as you are.

7. The bigger the city – the bigger & greater the variety

Spain is a huge country with numerous provinces, each with its accent and dialect. When you live in a small city, you only get the chance to hear and learn one dialect and accent (for most people this may create a problem). This, however, may change during your time in Madrid. Even though Madrid has one of the clearest accents, a great number of people from all over Spain (and the world) visit the city, which mixes and blends many accents and dialects. You’ll be able to hear all of them and determine which one you want & like the most (or which one is the most manageable).

8. The weather is a lot nicer

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Have you ever found it difficult to get out of bed because it was pouring outside?! Bipolar weather can affect everyone’s mood. In Madrid, though, the weather is usually always sunny. It has been scientifically proven that people are more engaged in doing any type of activity when it is sunny outside and the temperature is pleasant! Consider this when you decide to learn Spanish! It will be easier for you to learn it if you see the sun through your windows + it will give you that spark deep within.

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