9 Easy & Effective Realtor Marketing Ideas to Try in 2024

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The real estate market is a profitable business that never becomes obsolete. Of course, as in any business, the real estate field has its ups and downs. A severe collapse not only in this branch but in the entire global economy took place back in 2008. After that, last year left a mark and indelible consequences as well as financial losses to many real estate agencies. However, all that can be changed with a little time and effort.

If you are not a real estate agent and do not have much experience in this business, it is not the end of the world. The development of the Internet provides you with so many opportunities for advertising and marketing your real estate that you could not even imagine.

It is true that the competition is much stronger thanks to the Internet and that it is necessary to find a way and a different marketing strategy that will separate you from the rest. With a little effort, your property can also take an upward trajectory and give you a profit, a better one than you can imagine. To be more efficient in achieving the set goals, we will give you 9 easy & effective realtor marketing ideas to try in 2024 to start with something new.

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  1. Take professional photos

Why do photos take first place on our list? The first encounter of a potential buyer with your property is right through the photo. They must be professional, likable and receptive to the eye. They must show each spot of your property in detail to the client, emphasizing the best parts in it.

Only when the photos interest the client to the extent that they devote a moment of their attention to them and don’t immediately go in search of another object, it means that you have the right thing. Also something that is a real hit in the world these days is the use of drones. With a drone you can take a photo of your exterior from another angle, give more visual information about your yard and surroundings.

  1. Use social networks

Instagram and Facebook have reached incredible popularity in the last year and a half. People were forced to spend more time in their warm home, so during the break from work, most of them browsed on Instagram looking for some interesting content. The best way to advertise for free is through these social networks. Apart from the minimal costs, what are its advantages? Your professional photos and videos can be combined and posted on the most popular social media platforms.

You have no limit on the number of people who are willing to follow you and find out more about your property. With the help of hashtags, you will be able to get closer to the target group of people who are likely to get interested in your product. There is a possibility of direct communication with clients as well as providing more important information related to the contact number, location of the property, square footage, etc. If you want to go a step further, you can always pay for an ad on these networks and get closer to a larger number of people who are interested in your facility.

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  1. Travel through the property by video

You do not need professionals to implement this advice. You can simply make more videos with your phone or camera that will show both the interior and exterior of your property. That way, people will have a better insight into your facility, have a vision of what it actually looks like and what to expect. This is a very popular marketing strategy today.

  1. Seek the help of real estate agents

If it seems to you that you have tried a lot of things but in the end you are not satisfied with the obtained results, how does the help or advice of a professional sound to you? Many websites that have been checked provide quality and up-to-date information related to real estate. Some like RE/MAX INTEGRA are true professionals in their field and they will have an idea of what it is that you are not doing in the best way and how to change it. Try it, it can only help.

  1. Evaluate the competition well

Should your goal be to stand out from the competition? Of course! But should you step on them and restrain them to gain popularity? No way! Understand the contesting as a healthy competition from which you can learn a lot and improve your offer. What marketing promotion do they use? In which locations are they promoted? Who are their target customers? These and many other questions will give you answers with which you can only improve your offer.

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  1. Create a Google My Business account

Another very productive internet hack is Google My Business. This free site will allow you to easily and simply inform a huge number of people about your property. By entering a lot of data, you will give key information to clients and help them choose your property.

  1. Consider ads in local newspapers

Whether you live in a metropolis or a small town, ads in local newspapers are always a good marketing attempt. Without much expense you will reach many people living in your city. Anyone who is looking to buy a property in your area will surely buy a newspaper at the kiosk or open their website and take a look at the real estate section.

  1. Create a creative business card

Although today more and more is focused on the Internet and digital marketing, visit cards are the tangible part of marketing that is always in trend. Your contact, full name, company name and logo should be prominently displayed on it. Try to make it likable enough for customers to want to keep it in their wallets. Turn on the creative side of your personality.

  1. Get positive feedback from customers

The goal of every real estate agent is to have as many satisfied customers as possible, isn’t it? Do your best to meet their expectations and maintain a good relationship. Keep their contacts for future jobs. Contact them from time to time with some new offers you have in the palm of your hand. Ask them to leave a good review for your agency or property.

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Good feedback from your previous guests is a great marketing strategy that can help you stand out from the competition. After looking at pictures of your property, reading all the given information, potential buyers will surely ask to see what criticism your previous clients have left. If the reviews are good, there is a better chance that you get a job. Work on it and give your clients extra attention.

This very important activity has become a real hit in the world today. Many set out to engage in this lucrative business in a desire to make money. However, a large number of them are still not sure if and what they are doing wrong. Stand out even from them, take a closer look at the tips we gave you and we are sure that you will shine very soon in the world of real estate.