How Real Money Apps Are Transforming The Gaming Industry in 2024

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Needless to say, the online gaming industry has witnessed exponential growth and swept over other industries in terms of profit. The advent of technology resulted in the rising awareness of the prosperous career opportunities in the gaming industry and triggered the wave of real money gaming platforms. The increased accessibility of seamless internet connectivity, the proliferation of smart gadgets (suiting the budget of all income brackets), and nominal data plans are the paramount factors that boost the growth of the online games that involve real money. With a tap on the screen, one can download real money apps on your smartphones. Real money games are emerging as ‘the king in the mobile gaming bastion’ and are mostly driven by genres i.e. online card games, fantasy games, and quiz games.

The best part is you don’t have to invest in expensive gaming consoles, buy VR headsets, or wait for an upgraded laptop to launch in the market. With just a mid-range smartphone and stable internet connection, you can download real-money apps on your device and enjoy a seamless experience. With a mid-range smartphone, you will get all the required features and specifications to smoothly operate a real money app. This is one of the biggest drivers that more than 60% of the Indian gaming audience is embracing real money games.

Real Money Games – The Real Stats & Recent Trends

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Skill-based games like poker and rummy hold the biggest share, followed by fantasy sports such as cricket, FIFA, and much more. Real money gaming is like a delicious slice of the cake that everyone wants to relish. The biggest reason is that you get rewarded for your skills and avail the opportunity to earn in the comfort of your homes.

If we talk about the massively popular real money game which is loved by millions all over the world, it will be Poker. There were times when poker mavens used to travel to other cities or countries to play poker at the best casinos. Because of the travel and accommodations costs, they eventually end up spending more than they had earned in the game. As the new generation of gamers is much smarter and technologically sound, they are bringing a paradigm shift in the conventional playing process. They are switching to leading online gaming platforms like Adda52 to earn from their homes and cut all the unnecessary expenditures to make their winning count.

Online Card Games – Playing Trends in India

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With the rise of real money apps, there is a better awareness of skill-based games. People are recognizing the traditional card games like poker, rummy, 3 Patti as ‘skill-based games’ and contributing to the gaming community. Nowadays, millennials and generation z are trying a hand at poker and flaunting their game skills to the world. Many players are leaving their corporate jobs to pursue card games like poker and rummy as a full-time profession and make a serious earning out of it. During festivals like Diwali or the New Year, you can see people enjoying a great poker session and proudly posting the updates on their social media.

You can say that the games which used to be played offline in a conventional physical set-up are now played online due to factors like time constraints, geographic barriers, easy accessibility to gadgets, nominal data packages, etc.

As per a report by RedSeer Consulting, the real money game market is expected to grow at around 50-55% by 2024. It is estimated to rise to $1.5-1.7 billion from $250-300 million.

Online Fantasy Sports – On the Peak

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Fantasy Sports are on the rise these days because of the attractive user interface and immersive gaming environment. This segment too has great potential, all credit goes to the sports enthusiasts, especially in cricket, football, and basketball. The on-going trend is that every popular sports league in the world interacts with their fans through fantasy sports.

Content Customization – Driving the Growth of RMG

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People usually play games in the language they are comfortable with. As per the report by KPMG, it is stated that Indian language internet users can rise to 540 million by 2024. Keeping the players’ preferences in mind, gaming companies are extensively working on the game customization in terms of the themes and language players want. Such activities have improved the engagement and participation of the players and their active time on the apps.

In addition to this, the multiplayer game mode is contributing a lot to the growth of real money games. After all, what’s more, interesting than playing games with different players across the world, experiencing the much-needed thrill, and being a part of a trustworthy community of gamers. From innovation to providing a seamless experience to the players, the real money gaming apps are exceeding the expectations of modern gamers.

How the Future of the Real Money Market Will Look Like?

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We have analyzed the technological and player trend in the RMG market. In the future, it is expected that real money games will be embedded with advanced features such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and much more. You must expect something out-of-the-box coming your way and transforming your overall experience. As the current and upcoming generation is more tech-savvy and easily adaptable to new changes, there is a need for more immersive experiences in the real money gaming segment.

Investors and marketers should pull their socks up to come up with innovative ideas and pave way for new trends for the potential gaming audience!

After all, we are all set to welcome innovations or upgrades in the existing systems in the golden era of gaming.