Can Reading Erotic Stories Trigger Your Sexual Desire

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Sexual desire is a person’s wish to engage in sexual activities. It is a motivation or attraction to perform sex. Desire to indulge in sexual acts is stimulated by androgens in men and by androgens and estrogens in women. Depending on your age, sex, and other medical factors, sex desires can vary. For example, 2% of single men between 18 to 25 years had sex 4 times or more in a week. In contrast, 13% of single men aged 70 or older had sex a few times a month. 

Mostly, sexual desires fluctuate among people and you shouldn’t stress out if you don’t feel like having sex much lately. However, if your low sexual desires have started to impact your relationship or mental health, you should find a way to deal with it soon. You need to find effective triggers to unlock your lust and passion. A key to boost your sex drive could be anything like quality sleep, meditation, or a good erotic story. 

Yes, Erotic literature can channel your sexual desires in the right direction and seamlessly increase your sexual appetite. In an experiment in which 27 women participated, half were asked to read self-help books, and the other half erotica. Interestingly, results have been the same in both groups — improved sexual desires and satisfaction. 

If you are looking for a trigger to enhance your sexual desires, erotica can be the one for you. Let’s understand the relationship between erotica and sex in depth. 

What is Erotic Literature? 

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Generally, erotica is an art that unfolds sexual thoughts and arousals. It is the type of literature where sexual relationships and desires are expressed through explicit words. Today, erotica is available in various forms including short stories, novels, fan fictions, etc. Here, you can anytime check out different types of erotic stories to accelerate your libido. 

Many people consider that reading erotica is similar to pornography, which is wrong. In erotic stories, you dive into a fictional world where different layers of sexual relationships are discovered. Erotica focuses on character building, romance stimulation, and full exploration of the sexual act. On the contrary, pornography is a raunchy screenplay of a specific sexual kink. Thus, pornography has limited power to churn your arousal compared to erotica. 

How Can Erotic Stories Trigger Your Sexual Desires?

A study was conducted in 2013 to measure the effect of reading on the brain. It was found that the more tension in the story, the more areas of the brain lit up with activities. That means when you read sensual scenes, your brain will more intensely trigger your sexual desires. With frequent erotic reading, your sexual drive improves in the following ways:

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Reading puts your mind at ease

Hectic lifestyle and busy work life is the most common reason behind low libido problems nowadays. When you are stressed over an essential meeting in your office or picking up your kids from school, you can hardly think of your sex life. Chronic stress and anxiety is the biggest reason behind low libido among women. 

If you pick an engaging erotic novel, you can get rid of your stress for some time. The enchanted storyline and emphatic sex scenes can block all other thoughts bubbling in your mind. While reading, you become part of the book, and everything else fades away in the steamy fog. Dirty dishes in the sink and unfolded laundry won’t matter anymore. 

Thus, before going to bed with your partner, read a sex scene and streamline your sexual desires in the right direction. Additionally, when you are stress-free, you can better enjoy the sex and concentrate on your orgasm. 

Break down your sexual barriers 

Sometimes, people get stuck in a routine and never try to do something new. They turn their sexual desires into a monotonous routine. Especially for people in a committed relationship, sex becomes something that they just do. This lack of excitement can turn into a poor sexual drive. 

When you read an exciting scene between a couple indulged in public sex, it might inspire you to spice up your sex life. You can learn about various sexual kinks from erotica and implement them in your bedroom. Take an example from the Fifty Shades series; it brings BDSM culture to the fore. Now, BDSM isn’t a new sexual act, but people got to better understand modern BDSM relationships thanks to books. 

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Practice safe and pleasurable sex 

Erotica won’t only introduce you to vivid sexual backgrounds but also show you how to practice safe sex. If you have a sexual fantasy to do sex in a public bathroom with your partner, erotica can show how messy and unclean that can be. With erotica, you can learn about new sexual activities without even practicing it. 

When you know how to achieve pleasure from a particular sexual act, you will feel more relaxed and empowered. Additionally, erotica won’t focus on rosy and dandy aspects of intercourse like porn. It also touches on serious topics such as safe sex, birth control, and consent. 

Get you in the mood

When you go out on a date, things like candlelight dinner, a delicious dessert, and a gentle kiss at the end, all are part of the foreplay leading to a promising night. All these small romantic gestures help in setting the right mood. Unfortunately, you don’t always have much time to set the mood, especially when you have put your child down for a nap and you only have time for a quickie. 

Erotic stories can help you get in the right mood. You can even masturbate while reading erotica so you get aroused for the main act with your partner. 

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Parting Thoughts 

Your sexual desires are fragments of your imagination and fantasies. Those are your hidden wishes that you haven’t tried yet but want to. Through erotica, you can step into your sex fantasies and learn how to practice them safely in your bedroom. Erotica educates you and stimulates you about your sexual desires. So, the answer is — YES, erotic stories can definitely trigger your sexual desires and therefore, boost your sex life.