How To Rank Up Fast In Valorant

Riot games Valorant

Riot Games didn’t fail to give us an excellent competitive environment in Valorant. This has made many Valorant players want to get a higher rank so they can reach Radiant.

But it can take a long time and a lot of practice to get to that level of play. And some players are too scared to do that. So let’s look at how to quickly move up the ranks in Valorant.

Work on your aim

To win games and get a better overall rank in Valorant than other people, you must have good aim. Even though there are agents with their own skills, they are there to make it easier for you to win gunfights with the Vandal or Phantom by using your aim. Before a competitive match, you can practice your aim on the practice range and in the death match.

You could also use an aim trainer like Aim Lab, but it’s best to just use what the game gives you. Your aim will determine how well you do in games, so be as ready as possible if you want to move up in Valorant quickly.

Try to queue up with your friends to play ranked games

Rather than going alone and playing ranked by yourself, it’s always best to get a few friends and win games as a duo or a five-player team. Not only will you be able to talk to each other better, but you’ll also know more about what each other can do.

So you might have bad aim but great map control and game sense, while your best-fragging friend has no game sense. In this case, you can help your friend, who can play dueling-type agents, by becoming a support player. This is always a good thing for both you and your Duelist teammates.

Placement games


The rank system in Valorant is set up so that your rank at the beginning of the act will be your rank rating for the rest of the act. So, if you think you’re better than you are and end up in Iron, it might be hard to move up the ranks quickly. Even the MMR system shouldn’t be forgotten.  Are placements important? Yes, they are because your whole rank rating is based on how you start out and how well you do as you go along.

Communicate a lot with your team early game

For example, if you’re defending and you see a lot of flashes and abilities coming your way, you can be sure that the enemy players are planning to rush the site. So, if you tell your teammates about this as soon as possible, they can switch faster and help you with the best ultimates and utility support. When attacking, if you don’t have the skills to take key parts of a site or you see a flank, tell your team right away so that everyone is on the same page.

Everyone will win with communication, you, your teammates.

Valorant economy

Some players only care about how much money they have for the round. Imagine that you have enough money for a Phantom or Vandal, but the rest of your team only has bad pistols. Your whole team might die, leaving you alone against five other players. Your Phantom won’t help you because you’re likely to die to the other players.

Because of this, you and your teammates should plan your round together. If you have a lot of money but the rest of your team doesn’t, buy a Ghost with it. All of you can do a full buy in the next round, which gives you a better chance of winning. You won’t win games alone, so always think about your team in every round.

Control key points on map


If you want to move up quickly in Valorant, you need to know and control the key points on a map. You’ll have to practice, but the middle of a map is usually the most important part. For instance, the middle of Ascent leads to the entrance of all the sites, so if no one defends it, it’s pretty much a free loss.

So, those were the ways to move up in Valorant more quickly. But ranks don’t give you anything anymore, so look into ways to make money while playing Valorant to make your climb a bit more useful and profitable.

Always check minimap

Most new players don’t pay much attention to the minimap when they play Valorant. The minimap in the top left corner of the screen is a great way to find enemies without having to look directly at them. When an enemy agent gets close to your team, their icon will briefly show up on the minimap. With this information, players can switch positions or change their strategies. As a general rule, you should check the minimap every 3 seconds.

Play a small pool of agents

Even though it is recommended to learn the basics of each agent in Valorant, it is better to focus on just a few. Having a big pool is helpful because pocket picks and counter picks make you more flexible. But if you know how to play a few agents well, you can become a better player and climb the ranks. Most of the time, it’s not worth your time to spend time on every agent. Instead, you should focus on a small group of agents

Boosting services can help you ranking up faster


You can abuse boosting services to rank up your account faster with solo or duo options, radiant players will get you to your desired rank and you can play with higher level players and also improve by watching them play on your account. Services such as offer different types of options and the booster can even use your preferred agents.

Don’t spam too much ranked games in a row

Even though the thought of playing for a long time straight is very appealing, it is not the right thing to do. Players shouldn’t play too many games at once, especially when it comes to ranked games. If you play nonstop for a long time, it will not only hurt your mental and physical health, but it will also make it hard for you to focus. In the end, you won’t be able to make any more progress, and your overall performance will go down. It’s best to only play a few games at a time and to take breaks often.