How To Buy Over Range Microwaves – 2024 Guide

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If you need an over the range microwave, you should know that there are many of these products available on the market, but there is a great difference in quality, functionality, features, and prices. Also, you should find one that will fit properly into the design of your kitchen. However, there are many factors that are more important than design. The main advantage of an over-range microwave is a wide selection of functions along with its ability to save space and provide you with some additional features like ventilation and lightning.

The microwave is one of the most important kitchen appliances, which helps you to warm-up and prepare food much easier and in a shorter time. You can visit to read more about some of the best models of over the range microwaves. Also, there are some important factors you should learn about before choosing the right appliance. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the crucial features that a proper microwave should have.

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Sizes and Cooking Capacity

In case that you have a built-in microwave, it is crucial to find a replacement with the same dimensions. When it comes to over range microwaves, you can determine the size by measuring the area where you want to place it, and avoid to lose too much space. The average over-the-range microwave is 30-inches wide. The size of the oven is another factor, and you can choose between a wide range of sizes from 0.7 cubic feet up to over 2.

Main Features

Besides the standard feature of warming-up the food, you can choose all kinds of this kitchen appliance with additional features such as speed cooking, nonstick interior, convection, true power reduction, sensors, and more. With a speed cook ability, the device can connect the microwaving and convection, which provides you with the ability to prepare food like in a standard oven, but with the speed of a microwave. The nonstick interior is a convenient feature where you can clean the microwave with only a few wipes.

One of the best features is convection, which gives it the ability to cook with the same efficiency as an electric stove. Moreover, if you need a more powerful device, be sure to choose one with a higher wattage. Besides that, you can also look for features like sensors that can block overcooking and set-up the proper temperature for various types of food. Nevertheless, the best ones possess a digital screen with all kinds of shortcuts for different programs of cooking.

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Read Online Reviews

Since there are numerous brands of microwaves and a lot of stores that are selling them, deciding about the right one is not so easy. Therefore, checking online reviews about models of these kitchen appliances can be helpful a lot.

This way, you can find out about the functionality of every model, potential issues and maintenance, and the overall rating of a particular device. On the other side, you should analyze the market as well, by checking several stores for the best price. moreover, be sure the by microwave with a legit warranty that lasts at least 2 years.

Best Models in 2024

Panasonic Microwave Oven

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Panasonic is a well-known brand with a long history of the production of high-quality electric devices. The microwave made by this brand is of stainless steel, with an oven capacity of over 2 cubic feet, and a powerful engine with 1250 watts. Also, it is using inverter technology, which increases the temperature spread inside of the oven, which can improve the process of cooking. The best additional features are 14 programs, LED lights, child lock, and sensors.

GE 1.6 Cu. Fe.

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The main feature of this microwave is a modern design with a black mat color, a great selection of buttons and presets, and decent performances. The power of the engine is 950 watts, which is especially beneficial in terms of less energy consumption. The size of 1.6 cubic feet is enough for an average family. One of the best options installed in the system is popcorn or French fries cooking.

Magic Chef 1.6

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If you are looking for a more affordable appliance that costs less than $200, you should check Magic Chef. This device has 1000 watts, which are enough to prepare most types of food. Also, there is a separate exhaust designed to eliminate smells. This product is great for a small kitchen.

GE Microwave Oven 1050 W

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If you need a microwaving oven with a variety of advanced functions, you will have to invest a little more money. The best product that you can get for around $500 is a GE model with a 1050 watts’ engine. There are different presets controls for easier settings. Also, the 2.1 cubic feet oven is enough for a whole family to quickly prepare all sorts of food. Besides the advanced functionality, this model also has a modern design.

KitchenAid Stainless Steel

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If you are interested in buying a microwave with an improved function of convection, you should check KitchenAid Stainless Steel. However, you will have to invest more money to buy this product, but it seems like a good investment when we look at its features and performances. The capacity of the oven is 1.9 cubic feet, while the power is 1000 watts’. It poses the perfect combination of features, power, and price.


As you can see, there are many things to consider before choosing the prover kitchen appliance. With the development of od technology, we have new models with better features each year. Therefore, we advise you to check the most recent models when looking for a microwave. Always look in different stores to find the best deal.

Besides that, check the ratings of those devices, and read online comments to see the experience of previous customers. You should know that an average lifespan for a microwave is around 6 or 7 years, while those more expensive models could last more than 10. However, be sure to get a warranty for the product that is active for at least 2 years.