What Qualities Should An Ideal ESports Bookmaker Have? An Example Of GGbet

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The interest in eSports betting got on the rise several years ago, and this tendency continues. Currently, millions of people around the globe are involved in eSports in one way or another. Some play it to relax and have fun, others polish their proficiency in eSports gaming to enter the PRO league, and others rock the world gaming arenas winning million-dollar prize pools. But regardless of whether they are professionals or just amateurs, most of these people also bet on eSports games to get their dose of adrenalin and earn some money.

When it comes to betting, the level of your enjoyment and the rate of your winnings strongly depend on the bookmaker you choose to bet with. Finding a good one might be really tricky, so to save you from the hustle and give you more time for betting instead of searching, we’ve listed the qualities that an ideal eSports bookmaker should possess. We took GGBet and their site https://ggbetz.org/en as an example, as this is truly one of the best eSports betting operators out there!

The Qualities to Look out for

Not knowing what matters most makes the choice super-difficult. Check out the qualities we think are essential for a bookmaker you can trust and enjoy betting with.

The Selection of eSports Disciplines

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Depending on your interests and preferences in eSports, you might want to bet on different disciplines. And while the fans of CS: GO or Dota2 probably won’t have trouble finding them on bookmaker websites, those interested in less popular eSports like Fortnite, Halo, or Valorant may have trouble finding a website where they can put bets.

GGBet offers a broad range of eSports disciplines to ensure every bettor can enjoy their pastime. More than 20 kinds of eSports allow you to bet on your favorites and try your luck in some new-to-you disciplines. On the website, you’ll find such titles as CS: GO, Dota2, Raibow6, PUBG, Valorant, WarCraft III, League of Legends, and so many more.

The Number of Events Available for Betting

Similar to regular sports, eSports events vary in size and weight for the players and the bettors. Still, it’s essential that a bookmaker can offer to bet on as many events as possible. This will diversify your pastime and give you a chance to try your analytical skills in less important events before you get down to betting on the season finals or world cup series in whatever eSports discipline you prefer.

The online bookmaker GG Bet offers an extensive range of eSports events. Every day bettors have excess to more than a thousand different games, which allows making predictions and earning money in the top leagues as well as the small ones. Any opportunity to place a bet counts as an advantage, and GGBet gives you a lot of that.

Betting Line

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A broad betting line is definitely an advantage, regardless of what discipline you like. Most online bookmakers limit the choice to the basically markets, like betting on the game-winner, maps total, individual total, and handicap. However, eSports disciplines are so much loved for the opportunity of placing specific bets. We now speak about betting on which team kills the first Roshan in Dota 2 or whether there will be a knife kill in CS: GO.

Therefore, when looking for an ideal bookmaker, give attention to the number of markets it offers for each game. Naturally, their variety will range depending on the match level and the popularity of teams or players participating. On GGBet, for instance, top CS: GO leagues games have more than 75 markets available, including:

  • will there be an Ace;
  • will there be a Molotov kill;
  • will there be a Zeus X27 kill;
  • terrorist total rounds, and so many more.

Check the Odds

The two goals of a bettor are to have fun and make money by putting in a winning stake. And while the odds have little influence on your satisfaction from the process, they definitely have a lot to do with the amount you can win.

The tendency about eSports is the odds there are lower than in regular sports disciplines. This is partially related to the fact that there is a shortage of quality analytical information, which is why the bookmakers don’t hurry to equal the eSports odds with those in traditional disciplines. Anyway, you should look for the most beneficial offers and the most generous odds. We recommend that you narrow the circle of bookmakers and check their odds for the same event. The one who gives the highest becomes the winner!

Customer Support

Excellent customer support is a must for any quality eSports bookmaker. A knowledgeable and friendly support team should be available both before and after a bet is placed. The team should be able to answer any questions new customers may have and provide assistance with account setup, deposits, withdrawals, and any other issues that may arise.

The ideal bookmaker will also offer additional support to those unfamiliar with eSports betting, such as tutorials or video guides on how to place a bet. They should also provide a range of tools or resources that can help gamers improve their understanding of the various events and markets available. This could include comprehensive overviews of the different types of bets for each event or direct links to predictions, lineups, team analysis, statistics, standings, form guides and more. A good customer service team will be willing to investigate suspicious behavior such as fraudulent wagering and take appropriate action if necessary.

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Bottom Line

Finding an ideal bookmaker for eSports betting is a bit more challenging than regular sports. But when you know what qualities to look for, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect one. Good luck!