Fitness Princess Qimmah Russo Flexing Her Lean Toned Body

Image source: Instagram

Qimmah Russo was born in 1993 in Bronx, New York. Her mother was a field hockey player while her father was a basketball player. Tamir Russo is her older brother. She completed her high school from Alemany High School.

The versatile lady Qimmah is from athletic family background. This inspired Russo to pursue her career in something related to her parent’s profession. She is a former basketball player who likes to keep her health fit. Currently, she works on her own established fitness institute Q-Flex Fitness.

Image source: Instagram

Qimmah is a family girl who spends most of her time with her family. She loves to be around her family. The family girl hasn’t yet thought to make her own family. As of now, she is living her life as a single person.

Image source: Instagram



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