Tips on How to Pump Skills in Essay Writing

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Do you find writing an essay an uphill task, hard to conquer? Worry not, as it is no more a job to be afraid of.  All you need to do is read on and follow the tips to improve your essay writing skills. 

Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

The first thing to do is to know that writing is a process that involves quite a few steps. First and foremost, you need to have ample knowledge about the topic you want to write about. So, you must read and read actively.

Second is organizing the essay in a logical order, and thirdly, and most importantly, you must practice writing. The maxim, practice makes a man perfect, holds just true for writing. The more drafts you write, the better your writing will become. Lastly, revise your draft to check for any mistakes. 

Here are some tips; the writer gives that you can pursue to provide a spark to your writing.

Check the Grammar Rules

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It is always better to review the basic grammar rules before you set out to write. As a writer, you need to have a strong command of subject-verb agreement, tenses, syntax, and punctuation. Subject-verb agreement is a vast topic with various rules that come under it. If you are looking for ways to improve essay writing, a complete understanding of all subject-verb agreement rules is mandatory.  

The simplest way of putting the ideas on paper is; when the subject is singular, the verb also takes a particular form, whereas when the subject of a sentence is plural, the verb will also take a plural form. What is tricky here to understand and is well clarified by PerfectEssay is that a singular subject usually does not take an ‘s’ while a singular verb always has an ‘s’ added to it. For example, ‘She takes extra classes for English.’ Similarly, a plural subject usually takes an ‘s’ whereas a plural verb is devoid of an added ‘s.’ For example, ‘The boys work in a group for their assignment.’ 

Similarly, another important tip about improving essay writing is to avoid using weak words with adverbs, such as instead of writing ‘very funny,’ a better word will be ‘hilarious.’ This will add quality to your essay. In case you need urgent help with essay writing you can visit PerfectEssay

Adopt Appropriate Sentence Structure

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The best tip about how to pump essay writing skills is to avoid using passive sentence structures. It ensures that your sentences are not limp and wordy. Take a look at the given example to get a better understanding.  For example; The students’ essays were checked in detail by the professor. It is a passive sentence structure and sounds like a drag. Now take a look at how the sentence will appear if we write it in Active voice. ‘The Professor checked students’ essays in detail.’ The ruling now looks more crisp and sharp and makes for an easy read. 

Having said this, there may be some exceptions. For example, suppose you are writing a scientific essay. In that case, it is preferable to write in passive structures since scientific papers tend to be more objective, and passive sentence structures enhance the objectivity of the idea presented. 

Be Concise and Clear

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If you are investing on improving your academic essay writing skills, remember to express your idea in as few words as possible. Using fewer words has a more lasting impact and conveys the idea more strongly than many words. On the contrary, rambling and loosely constructed sentences only render sloppiness to your essay, making it a tiresome read.

So, instead of writing, ‘The rabbit ran very fast, you must write ‘The rabbit sprinted.’  Similarly, it would help if you tried to avoid repetition. In the sentence, ‘The point the author makes is compelling and convincing.’ Both ‘compelling’ and ‘convincing’ convey the same meaning. Therefore, it is useless to be repetitive when the writer can easily use one word for it. Also, try not to use excessive adjectives and adverbs to steer clear of fluff. 

To ensure clarity in your writing, make sure that you use easy-to-understand vocabulary. If you use challenging words, your essay will become a drag to read. It is best to keep writing in simple ways, concise, and clear to keep the readers’ interest intact. 

Correct Punctuations – The Key to Good Essay Writing

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Yet another vital tip on how to write a better essay is to focus on correctly using punctuations. Your sentences will get greater clarity when you use appropriate punctuations. It would be best if you used commas to signify short pauses, a period to indicate the end of a sentence, and a semi-colon to show a brief break between clauses that convey a similar meaning.

The best way of ensuring the correct punctuations at appropriate places is to read your essay aloud and check where you need to pause briefly. Reading out loud will also ensure that your writing has a smooth flow. If it sounds too short and incomplete, you may revise your sentences a bit, adding a few more sentences here and there. Similarly, modify very complex sentences into smaller, simpler units, ensuring your essay improvement, making it easier to read. 

Style Your Sentences Differently

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One of the crucial skills to accomplish when working on how to pump writing skills in your essay is to write an engaging essay for its readers. Repetitive sentence structure makes your writing quite dull and very easy for the reader to lose interest. A good writer will keep his sentences simple with varying lengths. Similarly, styled sentences with repetitive words indicate poor writing skills. As a skilled writer, you must use simple, compound, and complex sentences in a mixed format. 

While you work hard to keep your sentences simple and exciting, make sure you use academic language free of slang and unnecessary contractions. In this way, the most critical aspect of improving your essay writing skills is practice. Try to practice focused writing essays, which will enhance your vocabulary and sentence construction. Everyday practice will surely polish your writing skills.

These are some of the tips to follow to be able to write better. Keep following the writing process that involves reading actively, organizing your write up and then practice writing. Don’t forget to revise your write-up once you are finished. It will ensure that all minor errors are well taken care of before you finally submit your essay. Follow these golden tips about improving your essay writing skills and becoming a master writer within days.