Understanding The Popular Psilocybe Cubensis Strains And Their Features

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Mycologists have genetically isolated and categorized hundreds of “strains” or “subspecies” of magic mushrooms. These strains, the majority of which are P. cubensis, are all members of their respective taxonomic species, but they can also vary greatly in appearance, cultivation requirements, and potency.

The most well-known Psilocybe mushroom is Psilocybe cubensis, a genus of essentially tiny, dung-loving species that yields the psychedelic psilocybin. The kinds, or strains, differ in the quality and intensity of the experiences they provide users with, how well and quickly they develop, the environment they prefer, and their color, size, and form.

Buying and owning the components required to cultivate magic mushrooms is permitted but producing magic mushrooms is prohibited. Therefore, even if combining the ingredients to grow mushrooms is against the law, sellers like Funghead are nonetheless allowed to sell spores and uninoculated substrates.

Here is a brief description of the more well-known Psilocybe Cubensis strains.

B+ Cubensis

B+ cubensis is a very well-liked strain. It is believed to have been purposely created by a cultivator twenty to thirty years ago, which has led some to think that it is not a pure P. cubensis strain but rather a hybrid of P. cubensis and P. azurescens. The spores quickly germinate, and the fruiting bodies are rather large.

The strain has a moderately simple growth pattern and yields large first flushes, followed by lesser ones. Users describe a middle-of-the-road sensation and a drowsy feeling. However, compared to other strains, nausea seems less frequent with B+.


Source: doubleblindmag.com

According to mythology, the Alacabenzi strain results from a hybrid between a naturally occurring P. cubensis variant discovered in Alabama and another variety, presumably the P. Mexica. Growers say it is simple to grow and produces quite massive fruiting bodies. Users claim that it offers a reasonably mild high and is suitable for novices. However, it can seriously impair physical balance, particularly at higher doses.

Albino A+

Albino A+, or AA+ as commonly known, is usually cream to white, occasionally with a bluish tint; when bruised, it bleeds blue extremely visibly. Despite its name, the strain is leucistic, which means that it has reduced pigmentation rather than none at all. The spores are often the typical Psilocybe purple-black color.

The stem ring may appear black when mature specimens release their spores. A+ is a less well-known strain that is more frequently colored. It’s a famous variety that is also highly potent and produces big flushes despite its somewhat slow growth.


The Burma strain was first discovered as a natural variant in Burma. It is renowned for its quick, aggressive development, potency, and powerful and pleasurable high. However, Burma trips are believed to lack the insight associated with other strains. Growing Burma strains is not tough, as any technique frequently used to grow Psilocybe cubensis will work for them. It may just take a few days to colonize an area.

Blue meanie

Source: doubleblindmag.com

When purchasing the Blue Meanie mushroom spores, you should clarify with the vendor because the name may refer to a well-known P. cubensis strain or a distinct but related species known as Panaeolus Cyanescens. The two have different-colored spore prints and a somewhat similar but not identical appearance. Panaeolus Cyanescens is far more powerful, which is perhaps more critical. The stem of P. cubensis’ Blue Meanie strain is bluish. It is believed to have a very long-lasting, vivid, highly potent visual experience.


The Cambodian strain got its name when it was discovered growing wild close to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The little fruiting bodies have brown caps with white dots on them. It is a very well-liked strain among farmers since it develops swiftly and bears fruits tremendously and consistently. However, it requires slightly warmer growing conditions than most P. cubensis strains. Users describe strong potency, trips that are not overly visual but have a lot of energy, and a philosophical or creative mindset.

Golden teacher

This strain results in an enormous mushroom with a large, yellowish cap with pale dots. There are several origin myths, but it is commonly believed that it was discovered in the wild about thirty or forty years ago. It is well-liked by novice growers since it thrives on various substrate types, can endure poor circumstances, and still produce abundant crops. However, it takes a little longer to mature than most types.

Though the trips are sometimes brief, Golden Teacher is regarded as ordinary to high potency (an advantage for some users). Users frequently describe a euphoric and soothing sensation and occasionally a sense of cerebral clarity, even though the visuals are less intense than with some strains.

Enigma cubensis

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The Enigma Cubensis strain of bacteria features blob mutation. By simply growing larger and fusing, the pins eventually transform into a mass of dense fungal tissue rather than mushroom-like growth. A spore never forms on it, so cloning is the only way to spread Enigma. Since the blob mutation is notable in numerous P. cubensis strains, multiple Enigma strains exist. The lengthy fruiting period does make the grow susceptible to infection, and the high is rather typical.

Penis envy

Penis Envy has a slightly more penile appearance because it has a larger stem and a narrower, more curled cap than other strains. It produces very few spores that remain viable for very long. Additionally, they take much longer to germinate than most P. cubensis spores, and the mycelium is highly prone to contamination. However, its potency makes it alluring to users.

Consequently, the variety is uncommon and costly, but consumers pay a premium price thanks to its potency. In addition to its intensity, the Penis Envy trip is distinctive for its noticeably quick start, wavy rather than geometric images, and comparatively minimal physical effect. The experience is “clean,” feeling more mental and emotional than muscular.

Final words

There are more psilocybe cubensis strains worldwide but note that each mushroom has a different amount of psilocybin, and it’s likely that each strain has a unique potency.