How Do I Get a Copy of My Provincial School Curriculum – 2024 Guide

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Many parents are now helping their children transition into homeschooling because of the limitations of face-to-face classes brought about by the pandemic. There are many challenges to home schooling and the current condition of classes. Aside from Canadian curriculum books, you might want to secure your child’s curriculum as well.

As you are taking your child to a new form of learning via homeschooling, it’s imperative that you do so under the right guidance. It’s not enough to buy new Canadian curriculum books as the provincial school curriculum will also allow you to understand the pace that you need to teach your child. If you want them to learn as progressively as possible, it is a must for you to secure this now.

What Is A Provincial School Curriculum?

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A school curriculum is basically the flow of lessons that your child will go through throughout the year. It’s the lesson plan that teachers follow so that your children are able to go through the subject well. It’s imperative for you to follow the school curriculum if you are hoping to teach your child.

Teachers follow a lesson plan so that children aren’t forced into learning subjects that are not yet up to their level. For instance, if they are going to be taught long division, they must be taught basic division first. The proper flow of lessons is a must for your child to fully comprehend the subject he or she takes.

Without the school curriculum, teachers will have to base most of their lessons on Canadian curriculum books. This of course isn’t always effective. It’s always better to follow their educational journey on a lesson plan that’s tailor-made to ensure that the lessons are manageable and easy to understand.

Even if your child isn’t going to go through homeschooling, securing a copy of the school curriculum is still a must. As a parent, it’s advisable to know the flow of your child’s schooling. Not only will you be able to keep track of how they are doing in school, but this will also give you an opportunity to help guide them through their lessons.

Most of the school curriculum is available online depending on the school. Try to check with your school’s website first as these might already be available for grabs.

Where Can I Get One?

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Due to the pandemic, schools are now more well-aware of the importance of home schooling.  As such, schools are going to give you access to the school curriculum very easily. All you need to do is go there, ask for a copy, and provide the necessary details. From there, you’ll be given a copy of the curriculum to use.

The curriculum is most likely available from the school administrator. If you’re not there, you can ask your child’s homeroom teacher for a copy as well. If possible, try to ask for a copy to be sent online. This lessens the risks for you as you no longer have to step outside. It’s also the more convenient option as well.

While you are there, it might be best to ask the school for guidance on the Canadian curriculum books you need to buy for your child. They most likely know what books your child needs for homeschooling or distance learning. Like the curriculum, your child will have certain books that are best suited for them. You can’t buy books that are a grade or two ahead of their levels because it would be tougher for them to understand the lesson. Click here to find out more details about that.

Since you’re at your child’s school already, you should consider buying the books from there immediately. Schools often have books that your child needs already. Your child’s teachers can help guide you to the right books which are appropriate for your child’s current grade. It’s a must that you buy the right books for your child.

Learning At Home

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With the curriculum in your hand and Canadian curriculum books in the hands of your child, you should now start helping them with distance learning or homeschooling. This transition into a new form of study may seem too much for your child to handle. Hence, it’s a must that you help guide them on the journey.

The first thing you should do is let your child understand while the transition to distance learning is important. Tell them the benefits of having to study from home, at least for now. Once they see the good side of homeschooling or distance learning, they’ll be able to transition into it much easier.

You should also try to coordinate with the parents of your child’s classmates with regards to homeschooling. It might be better to help your child study alongside them. This not only simulates the school setting better, it also helps your child get more time to socialize with others which is important as well.

If your child is taking up distance learning, then it’s a must that you secure him a good device to study on, a decent headset, a quiet room, and of course, a decent internet connection. These will ensure his studies will go on as smoothly as possible despite having to study away from the classroom.

It’s important to help your child study at a pace that’s healthy and that he’s used to. Forcing him to learn faster than usual won’t be healthy. Thus, this could result in him not learning anything from the lessons at all.  Don’t pressure your child into accepting homeschooling or distance learning as it can only make matters worse.

Final Word

The provincial school curriculum is just as important as any Canadian curriculum book. This plan serves as a guide for your child to follow. Without it, studying will be much harder – more so if they are studying away from school and in your home. Do your best to secure a copy of the curriculum as soon as possible to help your child immediately.