5 Self Defense Tips to Protect Yourself While Traveling

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The world is a wonderful place to live, especially if you live anywhere. When we say everywhere we mean every single part of the world. Let us make it easy for you, the world is the most beautiful when traveling. Travel is a kind of charger for the batteries of people I was that impossible to live. It is simply a love that every person has in himself and gives only when he goes to visit a place. Wherever people visit, they feel as if it is their second home and as if they had been there in the past and walked the whole place. Although travel is wonderful, sometimes their beauty is ruined by bad and unpleasant events.

When we say bad and unpleasant events, we primarily mean accidents that are caused unintentionally by carelessness or accidents that are caused by some small parts of the local population. So often wherever people travel, they complain about travel irregularities or unwanted damage caused by the local population. The most commonly reported side effects are robberies of wallets, bags and luggage, mobile phones, then various attacks are reported by the local population in which valuable things are also taken away or cars, personal belongings, and the like are damaged.

These situations are commonplace wherever you go. They occur most often in deserted places, dark and inconspicuous locations, or at certain times of the day when traffic is reduced and there are not many people on the streets. These are precisely defined convenient parts of the day and precisely defined convenient locations where they can behave inappropriately and cause problems. But even in such situations, tourists must be prepared, which means that you should also prepare for such a potential attack of any kind. Wondering how to prepare? You do not need God knows how much preparation, you just need to know these 5 ways of self-defense that we offer you because only this way you can help yourself in situations when you are alone, when someone unfairly attacks you or when someone reaches out after your personal affairs. So read this special article of ours to the very end and prepare for the future unpredictable situation on your next trip.

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  1. Learn a step towards self-defense – when it comes to self-defense you need to be prepared at all times. This is especially necessary when we are somewhere outside our country or our city, where we do not know anyone and where it is not as safe as at home. In cases when you are alone, helpless, and walking late at night, you need to know some self-defense techniques. There are a number of techniques that are especially familiar to those who have ever practiced martial arts. To learn one of them you will need to contact a martial arts teacher or someone who has already attended martial arts and will show you the defensive steps for the moments when they will be needed.
  2. Take pepper spray with you when you are alone outdoors – the best advice someone can give you for self-defense in situations when you are alone is to be prepared with pepper spray. Pepper spray is actually the best defense technique, and if not it is a step that would be applied by those who attend a martial arts course. Unlike tear gas, it is not prohibited by law because you can make it yourself, it does not contain chemicals, it does not contain illicit substances, but you can also buy it on sale so if you want to have one click here and find out more about the offer of pepper sprays. This is a great defense mechanism, especially if you are alone and suddenly someone attacks you.
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  3. Have all the help numbers stored in your phone – unpredictable situations can happen to anyone. Especially when we are on an unknown terrain and when the attack is very possible. For that reason, in order to defend ourselves more easily and to get help more easily, it is necessary to have memorized all the important telephone numbers for help on the phone in case they are needed. It is even better if you set them on the home screen with the speed dial option and with just one touch you can call the police to deal with the situation in which you are suddenly found. Always be prepared, no one is ever safe in unfamiliar terrain.
  4. Carry a heavy object so you can swing if someone attacks you – not every situation is suitable. There are some that are not so convenient and desirable. So you have to manage to save yourself. In a situation where someone is attacking you, you have to defend yourself. And to defend yourself you have to do something to intimidate him. In a situation where someone attacks you, you must be prepared with an object to threaten how you can escape or free yourself. It is best to have a heavier object with you that you can threaten, but be careful not to swing the object so as not to injure the attacker as this can lead to sanctions.
  5. In the event of an attack, start screaming and resisting – in a situation where someone suddenly attacks you, you can often come to a block in which you do not know how to react. The only thing that is needed is to stay cool and act in the right way, ie not to succumb to the pressure of the attacker. The best thing to do in such sudden situations is to start screaming, calling for help, and resisting. This is the first option you must use in such situations because if you do not call for help and if you do not resist, things will end the way the attacker planned.
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The most important thing is to know exactly what to do in such situations and to react in a timely manner. Do not let the attacker win, react and grab the job in your hands. Do not give up because that way the bully will get what he intended, and if you react in time, the winner will be you.