3 Reasons Private Jet Charter is Safer Than Commercial – 2024 Guide

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The experience of flying commercial aircraft can be very discouraging. Not only do you need to arrive a couple of hours early, go through all the security checks, then wait again, but you also need to stick to a strict schedule and sometimes endure poorer airline organizations. Lost luggage is often a stressful and embarrassing experience associated with commercial scheduled flights.

If comfort, convenience, and flexibility are what you are looking for, you should consider using charter flights. Whether you travel on shorter or longer routes, charter flights might just save your valuable time. Luxury is imposed on most passengers as the main reason for choosing charter flights, but the real advantage of charter flights is convenience and simplicity.

What are Charter Flights?

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Charter flights are flights chartered for a specific purpose by an individual or group to any destination of your choice. These flights can be planned to meet your individual or group needs. When using a charter flight, you do not have to follow the schedule of commercial aircraft. You or your group can have a flight for yourself. In addition, they offer security and luxury. The initiator of such flights may choose the type of aircraft he wishes to be available.

Passengers on such a flight will be treated with better services and will have comfort and convenience that you cannot even imagine on commercial flights. Charters can be tailored according to your personal needs and requirements. Charter flights are used for various purposes. To satisfy the wishes of individuals, meet the business requirements of companies, transport express shipments, etc. They perform the services of traditional aircraft but can be personalized according to your requirements. Furthermore, these flights are also engaged in emergency air transport services. For example, they can be used in case of emergency medical interventions.

So, what are the reasons that make private jet charters safer than those of commercial type? We will discuss it in this guide.

  1. Private charter flights save you time

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When you plan your vacation, you aim at picking the fastest route that will get you to your destination as soon as possible. In most of the commercial flights, when you’re flying to some tropical destination, you have to change a couple of flights and be ready to travel a day or two. This leaves many opportunities for your safety to be threatened. For example, when you spend five to ten hours wondering around international airports you can encounter many people from around the world who can put you in awkward situations (steal something from you or simply impose their presence). We have witnessed many terrorist attacks happening in the past, which you can experience while transiting through the airport in some country. This is not the safest circumstances for travel, and not an experience you want to start or end your vacation with.

While private charters can transport you to your destination, without having to switch aircraft. This does sound a lot safer, doesn’t it? You will minimize the risk of having to experience all these strange situations. A good example of how fast your vacation can start with the private charters is a flight from Dallas that gets you to Costa Rica in just three and a half hours. Icarus Jet gives you an option to book your flight according to your preferences and gets you to Costa Rica, a vacation of your lifetime, on the same day. A great idea is to book an early morning flight and be on the beach by noon, without feeling tired from traveling.

  1. Safer luggage policy

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While commercial airlines require you to check in two times three hours in advance and perform security checks, on a charter flight all this can be done much more flexibly. Check-in for international charter flights usually starts at 120 and ends 40 minutes before the scheduled departure. You don’t have to wait in long lines to check-in yourself and check-in your luggage, due to fewer crowds on your flight, higher levels of the organization, and the opening of additional check-in counters. This can also save a lot of time.

There are also much more flexible payment restrictions on a charter aircraft. As you have probably experienced at least once, the safety of your luggage is at stake when you travel with commercial flights. It happens often that even though you have marked it as “fragile”, your suitcase still somehow ends up broken. Or worse, it simply gets sent to another destination leaving you without your personal belongings for a couple of days, until they return it. So, the biggest benefits travelers point out is that you don’t have to worry about losing your luggage, damaging it, or sending it to another city by mistake.

  1. You know who you’re traveling with

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We have already mentioned the awkwardness of encountering different people from around the world on airports and in commercial flights. This can get extra strange when you are traveling alone, and have to sit with someone you don’t know next to you. When the toilette crisis hits you, you have t leave your belongings and go. We’re sure you have had many different situations like these when traveling. Private flights have one great advantage, and that is the fact that you know you’re who you’re traveling with. No strangers, very comfortable seats and atmosphere, no long lines in front of the toilette. You own the space in the craft. You can sleep through it feeling safe and secure.

While charter flights usually don’t have as many rigorous security checks related to commercial flights, that doesn’t mean your safety is compromised when you travel by charter plane. All charter flights strictly adhere to all regulations governing the charter aviation industry. The staff makes sure that all guidelines are followed, and safety is a priority. In addition, all charter flight personnel involved in the organization of your flight – ground staff, cabin crew, as well as pilots are professionally trained and will never endanger your safety. If you want to learn more you can do that on Skyeagle.