Presley Gerber Inks One More Face Tattoo

Image source: Instagram

Presley Gerber showed another face tattoo on Instagram, this time inking Los Angeles Dodgers’ “LA” on his right side of the face, captioning the photo “Colorblind”. This comes shortly after he got “misunderstood” under his left eye.

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Last week, Gerber defended his prominent ‘misunderstood’ ink in a message posted to his Instagram Stories saying: “Most and a lot of people can get a facelift, change genders, lip injections, etc and it’s offensive to say anything in today’s day in age but I get a little face tattoo and now people love to hate me… Hmm?”.

The 22-year old problematic child of a supermodel Cindy Crawford was slammed on social media for getting the second face tattoo.

Image source: Instagram

Last month, an inside source said that: “Presley feels like there’s a lot of pressure on him because his parents and Kaia are so successful, and Kaia is thought of as a ‘sweetheart’.” It looks like he picked the wrong way to get out of the shadows of his famous family, unless he is just hungry for attention, whether positive or negative.