7 Tips On Preserving The Value Of Your Car

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Tangible properties such as buildings, houses, devices, furniture, and even vehicles depreciate their value over time. This is the nature of such assets since the depreciation of their value could help match the costs and their benefits over time. However, despite this natural occurrence, you can apply some ways to slow down the depreciation and maintain your vehicle’s value.

In a couple of years, you might decide on selling or trading your car. Hence, you must be familiar with what variables and actions to take to level up your car’s value in a reasonable price range. You can check more recent reviews for your car model first, like the ones at whichcar.com.au to get an idea of its current market value.

But while some aspects might be fundamentally challenging to control, here are some efforts that you can make to preserve your vehicle’s market value:

  1. Keep Your Original Car Parts

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In the second-hand car sale industry, a car that comes with stock and original parts is more likely easier to sell and trade than those that have already undergone upgrades. While your vehicle might be needing some repair, car parts change, or aesthetic upgrades, it’s best to keep your original stock parts as you’ll be needing to assemble them back again when you decide to sell or trade.

  1. Ensure Your Car’s Upkeep

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With the different external conditions that your car is exposed to in every season of the year, it’s tough to keep shining and polishing your car’s exteriors. However, you need to keep in mind that the paintwork and your vehicle’s outer case should remain new and in perfect condition so you can maintain its value.

By nature, prospect buyers would often consider your car’s worth by first checking out its color and paint quality. This is one of the things they look for when buying used cars. If the car’s exteriors aren’t maintained well over time, they could lead to faded colors, visible flaws and scratches, and discolorations that may significantly decrease your car’s price. Unfortunately, the outer shell of a vehicle has a significant impact, so it’s essential that you create efforts to wash, groom, shine, and wax your car regularly.

Whether you do it yourself or visit a car wash near you, this task is essential to retain your car value. While regular cleaning and washing are required more frequently, you can go for hard waxing, perhaps in every season change of the year.

  1. Try To Control Your Mileage

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Another feature that impacts the car price is its mileage. Anyone checking to buy a used car would want to know this factor, and it’ll possibly influence their decision entirely. How much a vehicle is worth depends on how many miles it has. As a vehicle’s mileage increases, its value decreases. This is another unspoken rule in the car industry.

Therefore, it’s critical to watch mileage and keep it low. Most car drivers would drive around 10,000-15,000 miles in a year, so try to stay in this range to attract more buyers. For cars that travel large distances and may have accumulated the 100,000 miles mark already, this would mean the market value would already drop significantly. Hence, as much as you can, try to keep tabs on your mileage.

  1. Always Park Carefully

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It’s insanely challenging for any car to avoid scratches, dings, and some tiny glitches on its surface altogether. Fallen barks, animal markings, and minor dents can inevitably be experienced, but one thing you can do is try to make these instances lesser. For example, you can park your car in safe areas and spaces to prevent any possible scratches and dents.

Your car will be left out in these spaces, so you can’t control what happens to it. It could be vulnerable to passersby, other vehicles, animals, and even trees nearby. Therefore, try to find the safest parking spot for your car. It’d be an excellent investment to have a garage to retain your car value for a long time at home.

  1. Protect Your Car Parts Or Areas That Are Scratch-Prone

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The car’s front and rear end are especially prone to wear and tear. There are some must-have car accessories you might want to buy, but ensure to prioritize those that can protect your car from scratches and damages. In other scratch-prone areas of your car, you can put wraps on the wheel, window sills, and doors. Check out other protective accessories that can protect your vehicle more. It’s best that you can easily remove them off, so it’ll be in its original condition when it’s time to sell your car.

  1. Don’t Take The Small Issues For Granted

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Check and fix your vehicle right away if you notice something amiss. Taking something for granted may only trigger more defects and damages and require you to pay more later. Whether it’s a headlight not working, the honk making a weird sound, or other more complex issues, you need to consult your car maintenance shop right away. Even tiny scratches could lead to bigger ones or make your car imperfect, affecting its value. Therefore, it’s best to act right away when experiencing these slight glitches.

  1. Keep The Interiors Clean

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It’s hard to keep the interior clean all the time. You might have toddlers that you need to drive around with, and their stuff and toys can produce markings and stains on the seats and floors. However, regular cleaning and vacuuming the insides will make your car look new all the time. Ensure that the air quality is always fresh by using an air freshener, removing dirty floor mats, and washing the car seat covers once in a while. These little efforts can help retain your car value.

Also, try to apply some little ways to reduce dirt build-up. For example, you can change your seat covers to leather ones that are spill and stain-resistant. You can also invest in floor mats that can prevent scratches and markings on the floor. It’ll look better when it’s time to sell if you keep the interior in good condition.


It could be pretty tough to retain your car value over time. However, with constant efforts and best practices mentioned above, you can reap the benefits of having a car that looks almost new so you can transact a good deal with the future car buyer. Furthermore, with these little ways, you can ensure a vehicle that’ll be good and safe for you to drive.

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