Why Is England Premier League Favourite Among Thais

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Football is one of the most recognized and well-marketed sporting activities. And even a couple of hundreds of years after its invention, it still offers the best quality right where it was born, in England.

The England Premier League has a huge following among the Thai people. And in this article, we will try to explain the main reasons for this craze.


This is one of the factors people don’t pay attention to but is crucial for the success that the English Premier League has in Thailand. Clubs, restaurants, cafes, gyms, you name it, English Premier League is everywhere in Thailand. Thai people can watch their favourite football club wherever they go. And the most important thing is that these matches are broadcast live.

The second important thing regarding the availability of the English Premier League to Thai people is the language of these broadcasts. These matches are streamed in English, and a large part of the population in Thailand understands the language pretty well. This helps them feel familiar and associate themselves with English football more than with other European leagues whose languages they don’t understand.

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The great thing about English football is its unpredictability. Unlike other European leagues where usually one or two teams dominate during the whole season, the English Premier League doesn’t have many games in which the favourites dominate from the start to the finish.

The proof for these claims is the number of derby matches in the competition, the Premier League has more derby matches than any other football league in the world. Every match between any of the following six teams in the Premier League: Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham is considered a derby, when you add local derbies on top of this, like the one between Newcastle and Southampton you get the most competitive league in the world.


English Premier League matches are played from the start of the season to the end of the season without much consideration for holidays. Playing on holidays like it’s the case with Boxing Day is a tradition in England. While this kind of schedule can be tough on players, Thai fans love it. It gives them the luxury of watching football matches without long breaks in between match days.

This keeps the whole euphoria around the English Premier League alive throughout the whole season. Fans don’t have the time to cool off and maybe forget about football. It keeps them engaged consistently.

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Another reason for the popularity of the English Premier League in Thailand is of course the quality of teams that compete. In the top ten football teams with the most fans in the world, there are five English Premier League teams. Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Arsenal have all found their way to the hearts of millions of Thai fans.


Like in every sport, the success of the competition hugely relies on the players that compete. And the English Premier League is the home of some of the best and most popular athletes in the world.

According to the list of the top 100 male footballers that the Guardian created for 2024, five of the top ten players on the list come from the English Premier League: Salah, Ronaldo, Jorginho, Kante, and De Bruyne. Each of these players has a huge following in Thailand and that directly affects the following that the league has in the country.

Betting on the English Premier League

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Look for value

Don’t blindly bet on favourites in every match. While you may win a lot of bets, you won’t win much money, because the odds on the favourites are in most cases miserable and don’t offer any value. Spend some time and try to find odds with the biggest value. When deciding if the odds have enough value take into consideration the following factors: form, injuries or missing players, fatigue, upcoming matches and tradition.

In-play betting

The best way to figure out an outcome of a football match is to watch as much football as possible and get a feeling for different factors that come into play. After you start to get familiar with the dynamics of the game, start to pay attention to live odds while you watch the game. You can do this on sites like https://th.parimatch.com/en/. Most of the successful bettors use this strategy when making their wagers.

Don’t bet with your emotions

One of the fastest ways to lose money betting on football is to allow your emotions to get in the way. For this reason, you should probably avoid betting on matches of your favourite teams. It is hard to stay objective if you are emotionally invested in the match, and thus it is very hard to make rational betting decisions.

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Bet on the less popular markets

The best way to place profitable bets on matches of the England Premier League is to specialise in the less popular markets. This way you will direct your full attention to specific markets and that will allow you to spot different patterns in matches. These patterns will help you make the bets with the biggest value and that’s what sports betting is all about.

Find good betting blogs

While the majority of online betting blogs don’t give good betting advice for free, some will still give you free trials to try their services and see if buying their subscription will have a positive effect on your gambling abilities. Try to find these kinds of blogs.


Being one of the most recognized and available in the country, the English Premier League has a huge following in Thailand. It gives the fans all they expect from the game and more. It can even be a source of additional income for Thai bettors.