7 Best Portable Radios For Camping 2024

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We’ve all been there. You pack everything up, meet up with your friends, and head for some remote location where you can relax a bit, drink a few beers and eat tons of barbeque. But, something seems to be missing. Yes, it’s music.

Don’t let this happen to you again. Simply find a nice portable camping radio, and you’re off to have a great time! There are many portable radios out there on the market, and we’ll help you choose the best portable radio for camping.

Quite often, these products are as sturdy as possible, and you can just chuck your emergency radio in the trunk and simply let it sit there until you need it!

1. Rocam Emergency Hand Crank

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This is the type of radios that people carry around, cranking up some hardcore music. You’d need an engineering degree to really understand all the ways this portable camping radio can be powered. It has a solar panel and crank lever, and AAA batteries can also be used. Rocam can also be plugged directly to the DC power adapter and recharged. One thing is certain- it won’t fail you.

This is an FM, AM, and SW radio, with good reception. It’s specifically programmed to make it easy for you to find weather channels- alert signals and bad weather signals will have top priority.

We could go on and on, but let’s just say that Rocam also has a flashlight, extremely loud SOS alarm, and flashing red lights. There’s actually an SOS button, which might save your life.

2. DreamSky Portable

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DreamSky kind of prioritized convenience over complexity. Their radio is rather small and compact, so you’ll most certainly be able to carry it everywhere around. The telescopic antenna should be enough to reach all the major radio stations and eliminate static signals.

You’ll have to keep an eye on batteries, as this is how the DreamSky radio is powered. Not so good if you’re in the middle of nowhere, but with a few reserve batteries everything should be OK.

One thing is certain, this product is very easy to use. This is why the manufacturer tells us that it is the best present for seniors who sometimes don’t like to use new mobile phones and other technological gimmicks.

3. Eton Ultimate

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While the last two products were kind of old-school looking, Eton Ultimate looks like something Iron Man would use. Eton has Bluetooth, S.A.M.E technology, and it will pick up AM, FM, and NOAA signals.

It will alert you if bad weather’s approaching, which is great if you’re camping and cannot access the Internet or TV. Eton Ultimate can also be used as a phone charger, thanks to its lithium rechargeable battery, that can be powered with solar energy.

The customers are absolutely amazed by this product, and most people should find Eton useful. However, the price may repel some potential customers. This radio costs about 100 bucks! It’s almost triple three times more expensive than the two aforementioned products.

4. Sangean TB-100

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Another portable radio for camping that has that old-school look. Its nickname is “ToughBox”, and Sangean really stands up to this name! It’s resistant to water, and will take everything that you can throw at it- it should endure most impacts, drops, etc., thanks to rubber shock-blocks.

It comes with a flexible, compact antenna and aux adapter so you can use it with a plethora of external devices.

One of the biggest downsides concern the powering- Sangean can only be powered with 4C batteries, which is all good when you’re hanging out in the middle of civilization, but doesn’t work that well if you’re in the middle of nowhere.

5. Hurricane Radio

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This is the kind of portable radio you put on your shoulder and cruise the hood like a real badass. Oh yeah, it’s also waterproof and solar-powered, so Hurricane should be a good companion in those long, adventurous journeys. Allegedly, it should charge your iPhone 6 from 5% to 37% in about 20 minutes, which is pretty sleek considering that you’ve plugged your phone into something that looks like it came straight from an 80s movie.

Hurricane also has a phone changing the port for real emergencies, a flashlight, and a reading lamp! As an avid reader, I especially like this reading lamp attachment! Now I can bring all my books with me when I am camping.

AAA batteries go into Hurricane, but, as mentioned, you can also charge it via solar power. When the weather isn’t that nice, you can also charge it with a micro USB.

6. ZesGood Portable Transistor Radio

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While some of the products we’ve mentioned look kind of old-school, this one looks like it was used by soldiers in WW2. And I love it! Don’t let its looks fool you- this product has all the modern technology you need- stereo 3.5mm jack for earphones, for instance.

As most portable radios for camping, ZesGood is also powered by AA batteries and will be your closest companions during those long hikes, camping, etc.

Nice thing is, you’ll get an 18 months warranty, which is rarely seen with other portable radios.

7. Kaito KA340

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Another 5-way powered radio on our list. The ion rechargeable battery is non-replaceable, which might be a bit of a drag if something goes wrong with it. Sure, you can use the other 4 ways to power it, but let’s be honest, this ion battery is crucial. The battery should last about 20 hours if you’re only listening to the radio, and 16 hours if you use light.

This product is compatible with both Android and Apple phones, so have no worries!

Kaito actually already made millions of radios for the United States Army and the United Nations! We rarely see such wide use of a product, but Kaito really made a name for itself when it comes to making high-quality radios. Kaito products help people all around the world and play an important part in fighting extremists.

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