A sneak-peek into the most popular movie soundtracks of 2024

Img source: pexels.com

As the Coronavirus pandemic situation is still taking a toll on people, the movie industry has been postponing the release of lots of movies and other products from appearing in theatres. Since the massive spread of this pandemic, theatres have been closed for a long time now. People are being cheered about the fact that the last year 2019 was one of the most successful ones for release of movies but the same is not true for 2024. 2024 is not the year when you can find decent movies and hence this has also had its impact on the capacity of soundtracks.

Movie soundtracks not just have the capacity of setting the right mood but they also help in cementing definite scenes in the minds of the audience. When a song later on appears in the radio or other streaming platforms, we are instantly taken back to the first time we heard it in the movie. We know that the best soundtracks remain with us for more than a year, either because the number is catchy or romantic or recognizable.

Therefore, if you’re a movie-buff, you should definitely keep in mind the above listed popular soundtracks of 2024. You may also follow that site to find music slots and use them whenever you wish to. Bookmark the soundtracks so as to listen to them later.

So, now that we are almost at the end of 2024, let’s take a look at the popular movie soundtracks that have made their place in the hearts of the audience. Check out the list given below.

#1: Pulp Fiction

The soundtrack of Pulp Fiction is a great amalgamation of songs from different genres that come to support the strong rock vibe of the film. This album was first released by MCA in 1994 and the Rock Album reached the 21st place on Billboard 200 chart and reached Platinum in Canada. This sound track comprises of 9 songs from the movie, 4 dialogue tracks followed by music and 3 other tracks of dialogue include the iconic speech of Jules. This soundtrack’s unique blend is not everyone’s cup of tea.

#2: Bad Boys for Life

The release date of this movie was 17th of January, 2024. In this film, the heroes, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith play cops trying to maintain their children and families. Jerry Bruckheimer did an amazing job and did his best yet again, which led to an accumulation of 420 million dollars at the box office, a huge one against 90 million budget. In the soundtrack, there are a total of 10 songs and some come from artists of Pitbull, P. Diddy, the Black Eyed Peas and Jaden Smith among several others.

#3: Birds of Prey

The release date of this movie was February 7, 2024. The full name of this film is Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn but due to the long length of the name, it was internationally accepted as Birds of Prey. Despite the high grade quality of the film it gathered only a humble amount of 202 million. The audio album of the film’s soundtrack was released on 14th February, 2024 and it comprised of 28 songs. You will never probably be able to hear all the most prominent artists contributing to the same album ever again.

#4: Clueless

The soundtrack named ‘Clueless’ is certainly the best ally to the film. The soundtrack is not only upbeat but it is also perfectly curated. In fact critics are of the opinion that it is a track that has era-defining capabilities. The soundtrack album was released in 1995 by Capitol Records. This track is the best love letter to the youth of high school along with all sorts of eccentricities. The tone of the album matches perfectly to the setting of the film as there are many sunshiney tunes.

#5: Sonic the Hedgehog

This movie was released in January 25, 2024 and you can never argue to the fact that the whole movie is dependent on Jim Carrey. The total set of music is high-paced, running and up-striding and groovy. The music of this film has been composed by Tom Holkenborg and he is professionally called Junkie XL, Hence you can well understand the reason behind the high-paced melodies of this movie. The total sets of instrumentals are written by him. There are non-instrumentals like Ramones, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, Coolio, Speed Demon, ‘Speed Me Up’ and ‘Wiz Khalifa’.

#6: Bloodshot

13th March, 2024 was the release date of Bloodshot and this office is a box office bomb due to its extremely nice and enthralling narration. Due to the fact that it was planned to release during the pandemic, it just ran for 2 weeks post theatrical release. Nevertheless, this was the most watched movie on iTunes and Amazon Prime during the nationwide lockdown period. Currently it is the most-watched film digitally in 2024 and the director has already planned the release of its sequels. The music is so good that it will never disappoint their fans.

#7: Jumanji : The Next Level

This is yet another movie that has a total set of soundtrack without using words. The environment in the movie is to underline and emphasize the perils and jungles which they represent. However, you will love to listen to the instrumental themes where you can hear the voice of animals and birds all intertwined. However, it is a chance to stress on the entry song which is performed by Guns N’ Roses and it has been named ‘Welcome to the Jingle.

#8: Cats

This film is said to be a box office bomb and is certainly said to be one of the best movies of 2019-2020. Nevertheless, the same isn’t true with regards to the music. Taylor Swift has sung one song in this movie and her voice is undoubtedly appealing and admirable. You can’t even miss the chance of praising the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber who is the composer of the songs.