Top Pop-ups That Will Convert Your Leads

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Running an online business involves a complex process. You can’t cope with only one helpful tool, since there are many of them. Not to mention that choosing these will certainly give you a lot of headaches. Just think about it, you will need to conduct serious research before you can find the best possible solution. Sometimes, this sort of research will require more than just a couple of hours.

Users who have this sort of experience know that you should be as patient and careful as you can be when looking for the best solutions for your website. Today we’re going to talk deeply about such tools as pop-ups. Are you familiar with this concept? Since you’re on this article, we hope you’re interested in useful information. Stay here and know more about these, and which ones can convert your leads.

They represent one of the most powerful tools which increase the conversion.

Moreover, according to 13Chats, there’s something interesting to know about common mistakes you should avoid completely.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the most important benefits.

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1. They can’t be missed and ignored

You will agree that they always appear, so, it is practically impossible to ignore them completely, even if you want to do it. If you don’t click the exit pin on the pop-up, you can’t continue monitoring the website. Without any doubt, you came across this sort of occurrence. It needs to be said that it is a strategy for engaging users and it works! There’s a percentage of people who will be interested in what this concept can offer and will agree with all its requirements to get salaries, discounts or other profitable issues. Sometimes, we can see that many visitors don’t really enjoy seeing them. However, that doesn’t mean that the site manager should give up on using them.

2. Pop-ups increase conversion

We’ve already said that they grab users’ attention. So, while the users are monitoring your website or blog and they’re interested in it, the window appears at the right time and offers to subscribe to see more interesting information or if it’s a website, to see new goods. These will depend on what the user was looking at previously. So, chances are that the visitors will find something that they are sincerely interested in.

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3. Pop-ups make a personalization

Your prospects will be shown relevant information or deals depending on their search. With a couple of clickable options, your website will instantly look more user-friendly. Not to mention that they are customizable. It means that they will fit your needs and preferences completely, mainly in terms of design. But, you can be sure that they can provide you with much more than that.

4. They initiate purchases

If a user lands on your website and sees an attractive offer, it can serve as a stimulus to buy or at least motivate leads to find out more about the company itself and what it sells. Therefore, it represents a great chance for you to utilize this approach. It immediately comes to mind that these can be game-changing when it comes to sales. Therefore, not using this approach would definitely be a mistake on your part.

But what is the best way to convert them into leads? Let’s figure it out!

Top ones that will convert your leads

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The next one we would like to talk about is timed pop-ups. These work by performing on a page or the site after someone has been there for some time. The reason why they are different than other ones, it’s because, with timed ones, you are showing the lead-generating offer to only those users who are on the website for a certain amount of time. The main benefit behind these is that they can be set to appear at the time when your site has the most visitors, which is certainly a big advantage. Therefore, we cannot stress enough how important it is to consider these properly.

Here’s an example of this sort. To get the discount, you should enter your email address.


Exits are one of the more popular ones. It is done by using mouse tracking for measuring cursor rapidity and directionality. Therefore, analyzing the situation when the traffic is going to leave the tab, open another tab, or hit the button present on their browser. Experts in this field say that these can make a difference by changing the decision visitors planned to make, and providing them with a new possibility.

What will happen is that an exit one will appear just when your guest wants to leave. So, inspiring them to convert on a CTA button that they missed or some offer they were not aware of. They are used frequently and use exit tracking software for calculating when someone on your blog or landing page is planning to leave it for good. It is a proper time for making the step towards selling your merchandise.

That’s a nice chance to stick around and explore the possibilities.

Look at the following pop-up. You can get sales after signing up or just click an exit button.

An example of exit pop-up

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The giveaway one is some sort of contest that can provide you with a wide array of valuables. We are talking about a giveaway with a suitable reward is nothing short of a magnet, informing your visitors about the giveaway at the proper time to send an invite them to join. You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity a benefit-driven CTA provides. There are a lot of different holidays and seasonal campaigns that are always around the corner for you to use as an excuse to promote your products.

Not only that this can add a new layer of quality to your business, but it will also help your visitors. When we say that, we mean that it can help them with finding something that they wanted. Plus, they can find some sort of discount, which is always a useful thing.

Now, let’s look at the following examples.

Examples of giveaway pop-ups for Christmas


Last but not least, entry pop-ups are essentially one of the most unappreciated ones out of those that are available for online salespersons. If you take a look at some reports that cover this topic, you will find this to be a fact. They appear when a site or a landing page is opened, mainly limiting the guest from viewing the page they wanted to see until they have gone through this process completely. Since this is easily one of the, let’s say, persistent, of this sort, then you understand why those who like it insist on it. For that reason, we believe that you should pay attention to them.

These can be as some sort of “Limited offer only! Get 70% off your first subscription to the site,” ”Promotion will end at midnight,” or a “Click here to get a price reduction.”

Here’s a nice one to understand what this one is all about. It blocks your screen after appearing and gives you a special offer like, for example, submitting to win the subscription box. The interface is completely user-friendly. So, the visitors will not have any problems with knowing what they should do in this case.

An example of an entry pop-up

These are several examples of nice pop-ups which are necessary to create. You can easily do it with 13Chats and indeed, don’t hesitate to test them! After some research, we don’t have any doubt that you will come across the ones that will help you with your business, you can be sure of that.

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In conclusion

A study shows that a pop-up is one of the most powerful tools for running your business. Sadly, for some reason, many site managers still don’t make the decision to use them to their advantage. Here, you can take a look at all the information you need to be aware of regarding this concept. You’ve read its benefits and its types that will help you also. Don’t you find it useful? Sure! Good luck to you!